There’s no new Diablo III wallpaper in the gallery this week, thanks to WP Guru HolyKnight’s disastrous computer crash and a lack of new images from Blizzard to spur the community’s creative juices. With nothing new I thought we’d run some of the most popular wallpapers of all time, rather than leave you cursed by that green field and blue sky Microsoft default desktop for another day, and here they are.

    Incidentally, if you play with the display options at the bottom of any folder in the screenshot gallery, you can sort it so every image in that folder and its subfolders are displayed by date (the default), as well as options like file size, rating, comments, and most popular. It’s fun to play around with, and it certainly makes it easier for me to say that Cowguin’s brilliant and very speedily-produced image of the Diablo III Secret Deadly Rainbows and Unicorns level has been viewed more than any other image in our wallpaper gallery. It’s had more than 20,000 views so far, and is obviously very popular. So much so that the t-shirt company that made a similar version to that one has been asked by Blizzard to stop selling it.

    I’ll call second place a tie, since second and third are both images of Tyrael as he’s seen on the official site. The images have diferet borders and were made by different authors, and both have proved quite popular, with around 15,000 views each. See the traditional dimensions, or the widescreen version.

    Up next is this atmospheric view of some Barbarian concept art, which has already been appreciated by around 13,000 site visitors.

    In fourth place is another offbeat offering from cowguin. Cain finally gets his

    Fifth brings us a different view of the official Diablo 3 site. This wallpaper was created from a screenshot of the loading main page, created by necrotwosixzeroseven. This time the main page, before the central menu loads and the gorgeous borders and all that marrrs the inky blackness of an empty desktop. Or flufly clouds. Whatever.

    And finally, one last wallpaper, which you can see below. This is the 7th most viewed, but it’s the last one over 10,000 views, so it gets a special mention Plus it’s all frosty and icy, a weather state not often encountered in the world of Diablo.


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