Overjoyed at the release of some fresh meat, wallpaper guru HolyKnight leapt on the new Unburied concept art like the proverbial chicken on the june bug (to quote my grandmother).  His new fiery runes design can be seen below; click it to see the full size image and links to this new wallpaper in numerous resolution sizes. Here’s a quote from the caption:

    Hey guys, this week I thought it was time for another Fiery Runes Wallpaper. With the update to the d3 bestiary I thought I’d make a wall for the new mob. Now with this wall I tried so many backdrops for the unburied, and none worked. I did some experiments with the old Des Systema, and managed to create a newer, sharper, cleaner version. Now I’ll be able to add my own touches to future walls with it!

    This wall as you look at it I can tell you I did a lot more experiments. The way the des-systema is on the ground I had wanted to do for a while now. I just didn’t have a better version of the alchemy circle ‘till now. Also I thought making my fiery runes reflect on the ground was a neat touch giving the Rune, and Alchemy circles more tangibility.

    Hope people like this, and enjoy my nice new touch to the fiery runes series. I wanted to make this wall more like my own thing with the circles. Now that I have a better alchemy circle please expect better clearer uses of this piece. I have much more fun planned in the future, but this week the wall was perfect. It was everything I had hoped and planned for.

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