Two new wallpapers this week, bringing the total of official and fan-created Diablo III Wallpapers to an impressive 150. This week’s new creations hit from both ends of the spectrum. DiabloWikiHolyknight3000 has applied his fiery runes touch to a battle scene from the Diablo III cinematic. This scene appears to be a flashback to action at the end of D2X, as Baal’s army assaults the Barbarian lands, before the destruction of the Worldstone blasts apart Mount Arreat and destroys most of Baal’s army in the process. This wallpaper can be seen in the thumb to the right, it’s offered in multiple sizes and dimensions, and here’s a bit of HK’s write up.

    This series I thought I?d start back at the beginning of the Diablo III scene with the cinematic trailer. I know blizzard did a screen of the demon invasion, but I thought I?d add my touch to it with some of my trademark touches. The Des-Systema in the background always seems appropriate for most of my non fiery runes wallpapers. The plain black background just never looks right anymore I don?t know why.

    The idea for this wallpaper came also from a fan asking about a wallpaper of Diablo from this same trailer. Thought about making a newer version of it with better sizes, but that changed when I realized I hadn?t done a demon invasion wallpaper yet. So what you see is an idea that I thought turned out rather nicely.

    Our other new wallpaper comes from Chayan Khot, and it’s a bit more light-hearted, as you can see. Click it to jump to the gallery page and obtain it in full size.

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