Entropy asserted itself and there’s just one new wallpaper this week, after we had more than a dozen new Diablo III Wallpapers last week. It’s a shiny one though, by wallpaper guru DiabloWikiHolyknight3000. You can see it below, and since HK always provides useful info about his wallpapers, as well as presenting them in multiple dimensions, here’s an excerpt from his caption for this one.

    The image I used a screen cap of the fireball falling from the sky towards tristram in the cinematic video, but the shot with the far out look with the town only lit up by moonlight. I looked over a few backdrops and couldn?t find one that could truly match well, but I also didn?t want the background to be solid black. Also I chose against using the bars again. They looked the best with the Locations sub-series. I?ll make a better bar for the main series later on. But right now not using the bars on the main images like this seems the best fit. They look cleaner and more balanced.

    I hope this looks well for everyone, and I loved how it turned out on my end. Also way things are looking I?m running out of angelic beings to use for my heaven and hell series. Oh well, I?ll keep trying to balance the series as best I can. This is becoming my best work to date, and I?m going to keep making this series as best I can.

    Lastly a couple notes for you over at the diablowiki. Behind the Fiery Runes is progressing well, the text is there. I am currently digging up my old art files that I built everything from and will update that section soon. There?s also the Fanart:Fiery Runes Series in the fan art section in the wiki as well. I will be updating the general information on that series as well in the future, please be sure to check them both out as time goes on. I will be adding their links by my wiki bar at the bottom.

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