Another week and another fine batch of new wallpapers.  We’ve got three new ones this time, bringing the gallery total to 132.

    • HolyKnight offers up another image from his Fiery Runes series 3. This one is another location; visit the Caldeum Bandit Camp. Bring the kids! Leave your gold! You can see it in the thumbnail to the left, and as always, HK has posted this one in multiple dimensions, one of which is certain to fit your desktop.
    • Phoenix995 is back with another take on the Diablo III logo. He’s added some subtle swirls of reddish smoke which are not unlike the background texture this site makes use of. Classy!
    • For the past few weeks, Delowyn has been working on an original render he’s calling the Durance of Pain. It’s the home of the spider queen called the Mistress of Pain, (Whom Delowyn rendered previously) and in the now-completed render she can be seen greeting a visiting Witch Doctor and Wizard. The small image below links to the full size 1920×1200 image. It’s also available in 1600×1200 if you prefer the 4×3 resolution ratio. Enjoy.

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