After a week off for the holidays and a travel delay last Monday, the new D3 wallpapers return with a vengeance this week. There are six new desktops just waiting to adorn your computer, and 129 in total. I’ve found the archives quite handy of late, since I gifted myself with a new monitor at an after-Xmas sale, and now that I’m running in 1920×1200 my old desktops were both pixelly and misproportioned. Happily, many of the wallpapers in our gallery are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions.

    • Phoenix995 created an interesting block lettered wallpaper (thumb to the right) that’s available in normal and widescreen dimensions.

    • Wallpaper regular HolyKnight returned from some technical downtime with a great new piece, applying his fiery runes to some new creepy dockside concept art.
    • Phoenix995 also turned out another original design, this one featuring Tyrael and a slashed Diablo III logo. It’s also available in normal and widescreen dimensions.
    • And finally, VioletJoker also took a stab at the new, caption-happy rotting boat concept art, dubbing it Lut Gholein and adding it to his excellent and ongoing concept art/maps series. Is it really Lut Gholein? Kurast? Somewhere new? It’s a lovely wallpaper in any event, and you can see it below.


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