Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #123: Wrath and Beta Thanks

Another four new Diablo III Wallpapers this week, courtesy of HolyKnight.

You see the first to the right, with a collage of images celebrating the Diablo III beta… which was the last time a majority of the most active posters in the community were not furious about one of Blizzard’s innumerable failings in delivering the best selling PC game of all time.

The other three are more pics taken from the Diablo: Wrath anime promotion for Diablo III. These feature Tyrael and the other angels, along with what’s left of Diablo. Luckily, since Imperius killed him there we can all relax, as there’s absolutely no evidence that Diablo could return stronger and spikier than ever, after such a defeat.

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2 thoughts on “Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #123: Wrath and Beta Thanks

  1. Diablo III is not even approaching close to being the best-selling pc game of all time.

  2. The Sims has sold 16 million copies… in 12 years. Diablo III had sold 6.5 million copies in 2 months, it is in fact the best selling PC game to date.

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