Holyknight has blessed us with another batch of Diablo III wallpapers, these taken from the Diablo III Wrath anime cartoon, which provided us with a preview of many things we saw in the full game, including a brief Diablo vs. Imperius throw down.

    You can see thumbs of the wallpapers below; click them to get the larger images, and click through this post to see the original video embedded, if like me you had completely forgotten that it existed. It’s interesting to re-watch it now, after we’ve seen the plot of Diablo III, and to compare the behavior of the angels, especially Imperius, in this promotional cartoon vs. the full game.

    The cartoon was originally posted on May 8th, when it touched off 200+ comments arguing about the plot implications and even brought out some animation dinosaurs to hate on the concept/style of anime itself. That issue aside, is there any way Imperius is *not* one of the enemies, if not the final act boss, of a Diablo III expansion? He’s just bitchy and Nephalem-hating like that, and personally, I look forward to clipping his pretty wings.

    It’s got at least one thing in common with the final game; the Prime Evil in it talks too much, explaining his entire plan to the ones he’s attempting to ensnare with it.

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