Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #117: Demon Hunter and Wizard

Two new Diablo III Wallpapers this week, both by ROCKETEER. He’s taken advantage of high quality images to create number of wallpapers with super closeups of character (and demon) faces, and these images of the Wizard and Demon Hunter, are quite striking. It helps that they’re the best 2 classes in the game, of course. 😉

We’ll have a couple of more wallpapers by the artist next week, but enjoy these for now. Click to get them at full desktop size.

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10 thoughts on “Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #117: Demon Hunter and Wizard

  1. best classes yeah sure
    except that wiz is an arrogant styler- bitch/punk like out of a nickolodeon show (“if only they could see me now ; )”)
    and DH is a fuckin action hero emo (“i usually hunt alone but …”)
    gj blizz… take a moment and imagine what D3 COULD have been. best game ever => ok game for some months (?)

  2. how come the wizard has normal eyes and demon hunter has white eyes? i would assume that the deamon hunters is white because there demon and all.. just curious really! looks cool but

  3. would have loved to have had the background image for the wizard as the male artwork for the wiz
    so it would be like male wizard background, female foreground. female dh background, male foreground
    but its still awesome! nice job!

  4. You know sometimes when you are just doing your thing and suddenly it’s like you see something moving in the corner of your eye, then you turn and look but nothing is there… well the Wizard and DH obviously thought whatever dafuq it was in that corner… kill it!!! wraaaaghhh!!!

  5. Are these actually hand-drawn or just compositions? If they are compositions, where can I get that hi-res character artwork?

    Nice work btw. 

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