Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #114: Lore Sketchbooks

We haven’t seen much new Diablo III artwork of late, but that hasn’t stopped HolyKnight from whipping up a couple of new Diablo 3 wallpapers. Both these new entries are done in a cool sketchbook style, with images courtesy of the DiabloWikiBook of Cain. In addition to the artwork, both wallpapers feature a bit of text about two of the principals of the Diablo universe; DiabloWikiInarius and DiabloWikiLilith.

Click the thumbs to get the full desktop sized images.

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  1. please don’t ever post a computerandvideogames promoting post again!
     the giveaway “without jumping hoops” ended in a facebook and twitter giveaway (and some random keys for old forum members) witch is, for me and many other, exacly jumping the hoop of social neetwork crap.
    many registred an CGV account to get one of the “thousands” hoopfree keys and now were really disappointed. you can’t even delete your CGV account in your profile options.

  2. Book of Cain is really excellent, I bought it from Amazon and i highly recommend it. Text,lore is good but don’t expect too much of it, you can read the entire book in one evening. But still it’s nice to have it as a collection in your library.

  3. Thanks again for some amazing wallpapers some of us are not as skilled or as driven to create. These will fit in well with the other inked Diablo III wallpapers I have cycling across my desktop.

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