Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #111: Cain and the Meteor

Three more new Diablo III wallpapers this week, all courtesy of DiabloWikiHolyKnight and all featuring screens taken from the DiabloWikiDiablo III Intro Cinematic. These three shots all tremble on the precipice of disaster (like when you order a drink that contains more than two types of alcohol on a first date), as they show the “DiabloWikimeteor” descending from a roiling sky, the angelic stained glass lit up with the approaching fireball, and an all-too-clear view of Cain’s blotchy cancerous hide as he gazes up in prophetic absorption. (Please, Blizzard cinematic team. Let DiabloWikiCain die or turn into DiabloWikiAzmodan or something before his hideous visage can ruin the Act Two cinematic also. Kthx.)

Click these for much larger views, suitable for decorating your desktop and/or frightening small children back onto the “nice” list.

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    11 thoughts on “Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #111: Cain and the Meteor

    1. is the patch coming today, tomorrow, ever? Not that it affects me in any way since Im not a beta tester. Im just sick and tired of waiting, and it looks like Ill have to wait for another eternity for D3….again. 😕

    2. Same feeling echoed as InBlack. @Flux, Elly, Risingred etc: What about the articles you guys were writing about the new system changes? At least post those up. Will kill some time while we wait.

      • Whoa, now. I don’t write for this site.

        I can tell you what I think about them if you want. 😉

      • Well, to be honest I used to really like the articles here. Stuff like “On the Drawing Board” and gameplay reviews. It’s been a loong time since we got any such stuff. But DO tell us what you think!!

        I think Elly mentioned somewhere that they had articles about Jay’s latest post. So where are they. Being polished? (sorry, couldnt resist :P)

        • Stuff we were going to write about the patch changes was largely posted in news items on presenting bashiok forums posts. For example, I was going to write a short stand alone piece about the changes to crafting and salvaging, but when Bashiok discussed them in forum posts, I condensed my thoughts into a few paragraphs and put them into that post.


          I also recorded a podcast last night in which we discussed all of the new features. That should be posted tomorrow, as I’m editing it today.

          Also, with the patch coming this evening, we’ll surely have more incisive discussion and commentary, especially about things like the changes to attributes, after some hands-on testing.

          All that said, we’ve also had a few emails asking for some article discussion, so perhaps I can collect some observations into one central post. for easier reference.

        • Well, what I think about the changes. Many of them I’m thrilled about, even though for the most part they really are small changes (even to the stats, if you compare the differences to Diablo II and the previous D3 stat system).

          I think that overall this is a bit of a return to the D2-style of stats, and also game pacing. I really, really like that white items are useless now. I’ve been talking about item bloat and the lack of trash items for a very long time, and I’m glad they realized this. I also made numerous threads about how and why going back to town is important to the pacing of an action game (look at the last offline FF as an example).

    3. Don’t be mean to Cain! Respect your elders Flux! Especially elders that have played a hand in saving the world several times over! :p

    4. Damn, Flux – can’t believe you’re doin Cain like that!  After all the items he identified for you, you’re gonna turn around rip him like that?  With freinds like you, who needs demons!

    5. had I known this a 30 minutes earlier I wouldnt have reactivated my wow account (I already regret it btw…), instead I would have really enjoyed the sight of these new wp on my desktop!

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