Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #110: Tyrael and Leoric

Two new fan made Diablo III Wallpapers this week, both by regular contributor KhalNik.

They’re similar in template, with a nice piece of artwork set into a custom made frame. You can see them below, one featuring Tyrael, the other with Leoric. Click for much larger desktop sizes, and enjoy.

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11 thoughts on “Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #110: Tyrael and Leoric

  1. Absolutely stunning!
    Too bad that the text above Tyrael reads “arhangel” instead of “archangel”.

    • I was just going to say that, too bad it wasn’t spell checked… I would have really liked to use it but the typo would drive me insane. It’s well done though besides that.

      • Goddamned now i red it here that it’s miss spelled, I didn’t notice before! CANT BE UNSEEN! DAMNIT!

  2. I like the concept and how they look over all,  but yeah the typo needs fixed. I hate it when i get a typo in my wallpapers after i make them,  upload them and post them in forums.

  3. if i may contribute some constructive criticism:
    you guys focus WAY too much about those damn frames! i dont mean to be insulting here but theyre just god awfully ugly. the problem is not your abilities to create them. frames just always look retarded in wallpapers.
    ill give you an example
    good wallpaper: http://img560.imageshack.us/img560/5760/diablo3wallpaperv2.png
    bad wallpaper: http://diablo.incgamers.com/gallery/data/510/1920x1200_Decard_Cain_by_Holyknight3000.jpg
    it just looks cheap. i think you should try to look at it from an artistic standpoint. not from a logical/usefullnes one. you see, frames provide bounderies. both literally and figuratively. theres no real room for imagination. its not really something new and not something that evokes immediate interest.
    take a look at this http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u251/aiztang/Warcraft%203/warcraft-3-wallpaper-7.jpg
    or this http://i.imgur.com/xaJhx.jpg?1055
    you know what i mean? dont be so damn practical. user your imagination. be abstract. be unconventional. be artistic. i think that would spice up things immensely 😉

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