Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #109: Angels and Demons

Holyknight has continued his Diablo 3 wallpaper torrent with four more new ones this week. To the right you see his desktop homage to the Diablo III Collector’s Edition; you can gaze upon it while you wait for the real thing, which will surely be here any day now.

He also whipped up wallpapers from the three deleted (from some) cinematic scenes from the recent Diablo 15th Anniversary video, featuring DiabloWikiImperius, DiabloWikiTyrael, and DiabloWikiDiablo, as we’ll see them in the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 cinematics.

All these images are available in high quality wallpaper sizes, so click through and enjoy.

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11 thoughts on “Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #109: Angels and Demons

  1. on their own, they’re rather boring, no real effort gone into them. just sticking the black bars at top and bottom, the logo and that’s it. I can make them 3 in a minute. how about combining the 3 creatures with some Photoshop blending and make one super-paper?

    • To each their own friend. You like them; cool. If you don’t that’s also fine. I’m not blizzard and I enjoy what i do and I do not get paid for it. Enjoy or not what you will with the wallpapers. I have been doing them for 3 years. You are not the first to not like my works.


  2. Nice wallpapers mate. Imperius looks like a paladin. I love the armour, Tyreal of course aswell, but why do diablo´s shoulders looks so small?

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