Three new Diablo III wallpapers this week, thanks to HolyKnight3000 and Khalnik.

    First up is HolyKnight’s Halloween 2011 special, with a Diablo III logo jack ‘o lantern within his fiery runes circle. You can see it up to the right.

    For his part, Khalnik took the artwork from Blizzcon 2011 and ran with it. The big three character artwork with a cool background for one, and the official Diablo 3 box art in super size as well. This one reminds me of a question I’ve had since we saw the artwork…. why is Diablo purple? The other teases from Diablo III have him red and bone and flame color, so where does this dark-skinned version come from? Purely artistic license, or is there some plot/story reason for the plum-skinned demon? (Or is it blackened bone, rather than dark skin?)

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