Diablo III Weekly Wallpaper #102: Leah and Azmodan

We’ve got seven additions to the Diablo III Wallpaper gallery this week, as a pair of artists used the new Cinematic eye candy to their advantage.

First up is DiabloWikiVioletjoker, with his first new Diablo 3 Wallpaper in a couple of years. It’s a cinematic view of Leah, and you can see it to the right.

Next is DiabloWikiHolyknight3000, who was invigorated by all of the new cinematic shots, and has turned them into six new wallpapers, showing various scenes from DiabloWikithe Black Soulstone cinematic


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  1. I’m still amazed by azmodan’s fattness.

  2. ahhh.. so now its azmodan! ty for spoiler

  3. Kinda cheap wallpapers tho :S

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