Diablo III Wallpapers #122: Purple Diablo and Anime Wrath

It’s our weekly Diablo III Wallpaper watch, and we’ve got four new images this week sure to please your desktop.

The first comes from Blizzard, for a change, as they sneaked out an official wallpaper this week. You see it to the right, featuring an official artwork that was released last year.

By the way, has anyone any theories about why the Diablo on the Diablo III box and in lots of other official artworks and even fan art is… purple? We started seeing various prune and raisin-colored Diablo faces long ago, and I dunno about you guys, but I assumed there was some plot related-reason. That (s)he’d be purple in the game, or all black and burned up, or something. And then you get to Act Four and see the cinematic… and it’s the same Big Red as always, at least in terms of skin (scale?) tone. So WTF? Just marketing?

Our other new wallpapers this week all come from HolyKnight, and feature some cool scenes from that Diablo Wrath anime-style promotional cartoon that debuted a week before the game and was then instantly (alas) forgotten.

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5 thoughts on “Diablo III Wallpapers #122: Purple Diablo and Anime Wrath

  1. I was really hoping the boss’s like in D2 had new skins with each difficulty. I imagined the way Diablo looks in his realm of terror all black/purple with blue would have been his nightmare/Hell normal skin. But the wallpapers and fan art could be of Diablo’s I guess ghost self in his realm of terror.

    • Good point, and that’s a reasonable answer to the purple riddle. I didn’t think of it since I have such l33t skills that I always dodge the soul cages and haven’t seen that version of Diablo. *cough*

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