It’s been a while since our last Diablo 3 wallpaper watch, but HolyKnight has created a new piece and hunted up a few others, so if you were hoping for some variety in your desktop appearance and have avoided the fate-worse-than-death represented by the Windows 8 default appearance, it’s your lucky day weekend. The most notable is on the top right, as HK celebrates his fifth year anniversary of making Diablo 3 wallpapers.

    Click that one or any of the others to see them full size in the gallery, and if you like the cut of its gib just right click, then say clearly, “can haz wallpaper, plz.” Thus will your computer award you not the wallpaper you need, but the wallpaper you deserve.

    If you like the bottom three, there are four more by the same artist in our Diablo III Wallpaper gallery, featuring one for each class, plus Tyrael and an Angels vs. Demons group shot.

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