Along with the “Best of” Fan Art posts Holyknight is honoring us with this week, I thought we should offer a selection of the year’s best Diablo III wallpapers. We may yet, but today we’ve got some new pieces.

    Holyknight unlimbered his Photoshop skillz and created a new wallpaper for the anniversary occasion. I think it’s one of his better creations, with a cool wagon spokes format as the characters face off against the loot sacks monsters. For a second I thought I saw Magda in there, but then I remembered that we’d all agreed to feign collective, selective amnesia about her and the unfortunate plot events she led to. You know, like how diehard Star Wars fans give a twitch and shake their heads, then look at you blankly if you mention JarJar Binks.

    The Blizzard anniversary pieces are nice as well, featuring new artwork stamped with a very minimal logo. It’s great art and a a welcome departure from their usual, rigidly-traditional rectangular box formatting. Click any of the thumbs to see the images in super desktop size via our Diablo 3 Wallpaper gallery, which holds more than 500 desktop options, if none of these quite float your proverbial boat.

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