Diablo III Wallpaper – Tyrael the Archangel of Justice


The Fallen

Tyrael: Archangel of Justice

This week Blizzard updated their wallpaper gallery with another wallpaper. This week it features Tyrael the Archangel of Justice.
It’s a nice wallpaper since the image being used never really needed cropped up. Mind you this still re-uses the same style for all of the latest wallpapers so don’t expect much other than a repeat design with a “new” pretty picture inside.

As usual this is using an old piece of concept art that was shown in 2008. I made my own wallpaper back then showing this piece.

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  1. That’s the pic I got my avatar from!  :mrgreen:

  2. To be honest Holyknight3000, yours is more pleasing and goes better with icons on the desktop. I don’t like the rough border they give their wallpapers and I have fanart posted from this site as my wallpaper most of the time truth be told.

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