Diablo III Wallpaper – Tristram Cathedral & the Fallen Star


Tristram Cathedral
Tristram Cathedral
This week blizzard posted their latest wallpaper featuring DiabloWikiTristram‘s dilapidated cathedral as the fallen star is about to hit; from the cinematic trailer.

I like this one really. It’s simple but clean; but then again I try to do the same myself. Enjoy this one guys as we have 3 days left to go. Three very long days…




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    10 thoughts on “Diablo III Wallpaper – Tristram Cathedral & the Fallen Star

    1. Three of the longest days in history.

      Am I imagining it, or was there a very similar wallpaper back when the game was very first announced?

    2. “Three very long days…”  You said it.  I have filled the weekend with a road trip and busy tasks just to pass the time more quickly.

      I feel sorry for those around me, I can only imagine how obnoxious I have become, relating every daily activity to D3. 

    3. This last hour of work is dragging SO badly…the whole week I’ve had interesting things to work on and now that they’re all in review…LIFE SUCKS

    4. Waiting for release is harder than waiting for Christmas or my birthday. In fact, if my birthday and Christmas were on the same day and on that day i would be turning 21, the anticipation would still not compare.
      At least we get the shinnies and sparklies to hold our sanity in place.

      • Well… we’ll be always having Christmas and Birthday once a year…. but we only got a new Diablo once every 12 years… Of course it’s obvious which one is harder to wait for… 😛

    5. saved.

      and three long days made short from drugs, alcohol, girlfriend sexual interactions, and dcuo… it ain’t wow but it is free! 

    6. btw, sorry for another post so quickly, why did they release this on a monday and not a friday…

      • A few reasons I learned in business school (and BTW, it is technically being released on a Tuesday):

        1)MOST IMPORTANT: Sales figures on DVDs, games, and music are release on Monday… you want a full week for those sales figures, not 3 days (Fri-Sun)
        2) Release on a Tuesday allows shipments to stores the prior week(s), store warehouse prep over the weekend, and then display on Monday which is traditionally the 2nd slowest retail day of the week.
        3) Tuesday is the 1st slowest retail day of the week, so if you release games/DVDs/music on a Tuesday, you are automatically correcting for your worst retail day of the week.

        Overall, you can blame box-copy stores for us needing to wait until next Tuesday, damn them to Hell. 

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