Diablo III Wallpaper – Book of Cain: Archangel Tyrael

This week blizzard posted their latest wallpaper featuring the Archangel of Justice: DiabloWikiTyrael. This time they went a different route rather than their standard style these last few months.

This piece done in similar style to the Diablo III Lore essential: DiabloWikiBook of Cain, and much like my own wallpaper series Tomes of Lore. With epic artwork by artist DiabloWikiBrom; this piece will be sure to be on someone’s desktop.

I’m glad they chose a little something different to be honest. The other wallpapers; while nice, still seemed to pull off the same pattern every week.

Book of Cain: Archangel Tyrael
Book of Cain: Archangel Tyrael
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    1. Screenshot of the week of a non-beta area or it doesn’t count. (OK, it looks cool so I suppose it counts just a little bit).

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