Diablo III Wallpaper – Book of Cain: Archangel Tyrael

This week blizzard posted their latest wallpaper featuring the Archangel of Justice: DiabloWikiTyrael. This time they went a different route rather than their standard style these last few months.

This piece done in similar style to the Diablo III Lore essential: DiabloWikiBook of Cain, and much like my own wallpaper series Tomes of Lore. With epic artwork by artist DiabloWikiBrom; this piece will be sure to be on someone’s desktop.

I’m glad they chose a little something different to be honest. The other wallpapers; while nice, still seemed to pull off the same pattern every week.

Book of Cain: Archangel Tyrael

Book of Cain: Archangel Tyrael

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  1. Really nice, thanks! 🙂

  2. This one is tattoo worthy!

  3. Screenshot of the week of a non-beta area or it doesn’t count. (OK, it looks cool so I suppose it counts just a little bit).

  4. yay….i….i think    O_o           😛

  5. Looks great on my desktop… has that nice old paper look to it

  6. Desktop?

    This will most likely end up getting inked on my calf opposite to the image of my avatar.

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