Our weekly wallpaper news is, once again, the HolyKnight show. He’s uploaded seven more wallpapers this week; six featuring cool shots from the D3 Intro Cinematic, and a seventh that presents all of his 2011 wallpapers in one big wallpaper.

    You can see the thumb of that one to the right; click on the others below, or view all of these, plus hundreds more Diablo 3 Wallpapers, in the gallery.

    The number of fan artists producing wallpapers has never returned to the heights we saw in mid-2008 and early 2009, when fan interest in Diablo III was at its zenith. (The fact that Blizzard has only released a handful of official Diablo III wallpapers, all of them boring conceptual unimaginative, with just an image and the logo slapped on, hasn’t done anything to encourage the fans.) However, as the game (finally) approaches a release date, we’re seeing as much good Diablo 3 fan art as we’ve ever seen, and perhaps that rising tide of interest will encourage more artists to try their hand at wallpapers as well. A more active community is more fun, as the different artists spur each other on. It’s one of the reasons HolyKnight is always promoting the Fan Creations Forum in his fan art posts.

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