Diablo III Wallpaper #106: D3’s Fiery Intro Cinematic

After the Diablo III Intro Cinematic granted him a generous gift of new visuals, DiabloWikiHolyKnight3000 leapt into action, crafting numerous wallpapers in record time. He’s made more than a dozen by now, and the first three can be seen in our Diablo 3 Wallpaper Gallery right now. Fiery!

He also added a nice D1/D2/D3 Diablo’s head compilation, for the 15th anniversary.

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    8 thoughts on “Diablo III Wallpaper #106: D3’s Fiery Intro Cinematic

    1. dude you gotta use some sharpen / unsharpen / blur filter in combination with curves and layermasks – you can really pull some detail out of those Video caps with relatively minor effort despite the crappy raw quality – esspecialy on those line based pictures.
      Eg. before:
      [URL=”https://mc.gmx.net/data/[email protected]/open/Meine%20Bilder/public/Diablo3retouch.jpg?token=42WcwxgcvNWI%2FQ07Jim31323711247_0p%2BQiLTpcTXSKgsNh0ykww%3D%3D&redirectUrl=https://mc.gmx.net/qxclient/html/openerror.html”]link[/URL]

      After : (beware 3 mb)

      https://mc.gmx.net/data/[email protected]/open/Meine%20Bilder/public/Diablo3retouch2.jpg?token=kLOItDFmq%2BnpNTJB%2BEXZ1323711247_0p%2BQiLTpcTXSKgsNh0ykww%3D%3D&redirectUrl=https://mc.gmx.net/qxclient/html/openerror.html“]link[/URL]

      https://mc.gmx.net/data/[email protected]/open/Meine%20Bilder/public/Diablo3retouch2.jpg?token=kLOItDFmq%2BnpNTJB%2BEXZ1323711247_0p%2BQiLTpcTXSKgsNh0ykww%3D%3D&redirectUrl=https://mc.gmx.net/qxclient/html/openerror.html

      • ya know i tried that but im sorry my ocd is going off when i see that,  i’d rather take the blurriness over that jaggifest and im sure others would as well. Thanks for the comment though. I tried various ways to do it and the blurr was the better choice.

        • well the art is stylistically jagged by default because its basically animated cross hatching … but if you want some results you have to use use BOTH in conjunction – thus layermasks / transperancy – its not like i just used the sharpen tool and went with it … also its no big news that you can have too much of something … as for the burriness – you may smooth out minor pixallation which comes naturally with the shitty quality of streaming codecs for still pictures but its still just a blurry mess all edges are the same and the bleed into one another – it might look cool thumbnail size but it already looks like i have eye cataract on 480 p leave alone HD

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