It’s been a few weeks since our last Diablo 3 Wallpaper update, but with some new arts in the gallery, here we go again.

    Both the new pieces are by Holyknight3000, and if you click the pics below you’ll see them at desktop sizes. The more recent takes one of the Blizzcon 2011 winning pieces of fan art and sets the Bloody Battle in a dank dungeon hallway. Or, as I asked HK when I saw it, “Is this your homage to the trash compactor scene from Star Wars?”

    The second piece is his thank you to all the viewers for three years of Diablo III wallpapers, and I rather like the swirly rune thing. See if you can’t get your girlfriend, or slutty sister, to ink that on the small of her back? HK’s comments, from the caption, are a little more on topic.

    I loved how this image turned out so with the help of CS3 I used some tools and made the image a larger size. I had this 800×800 image on my desktop background and realized how awesome it was as a wallpaper.

    So I figured it has been a couple years since I made a thank you wallpaper. So this one is for the fans of my wallpapers. Thanks for the comments, support and help over the past 3 years. I really could not have done it without you guys.

    Here’s to many more years after the games release for wallpapers, art and fan fiction!

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