The Fighting 101st edition of our Diablo III Wallpaper news posts has five new arts for the beautification of your desktop.

    New wallpaper contributor MalmerDK presented two versions of his Diablo Inside™ vision; one with the fiery circle logo in the middle of the wallpaper (which you see to the right) and another with the small logo in the upper corner. This would make for a nifty shirt design, aside from the fact that it would violate multiple copyrights. Perhaps as a promotional item if Blizzard and Intel ever paired up for something?

    The other three new wallpapers are by Caniroth, and I very much like all three of them. This artist has used the Class Crest Artworks that you see in the Diablo 3 beta character selection interface, and has stuck them over enlarged views of various environmental concept arts. He’s posted the Wizard, Monk, and Demon Hunter so far, and I hope we see the Witch Doctor and Barbarian in time for next week’s Monday wallpaper update.

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