Diablo III Wallpaper #100: Inner Sanctuary

We’ve got one new Diablo 3 Wallpaper this week, and it was a long time in coming. The wallpaper shows the Monk’s DiabloWikiInner Sanctuary skill, and yes, that’s the design of the protective rune that you see underneath the Monk’s feet in the game. Compare it to the screenshot from the beta you see to the right.

The wallpaper and the screenshot are both by HolyKnight3000, and he used that shot, and lots of others, in crafting the wallpaper. It wasn’t easy, since the in-game visual is at the overhead isometric angle, and since parts of it are obscured. You can see some of the work he put into getting it right in his Work in Progress thread in our Fan Creations forum.

Click through to get the image in full 2,560px × 1,600px wallpaper size.

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5 thoughts on “Diablo III Wallpaper #100: Inner Sanctuary

  1. That rune was a fun one to work with. I cannot wait to be able to do the same for the Seven Sided Strike Rune that has even more details than this one. But since you can’t get to it in the beta… yeah guess it’ll come when the game does.

    • I don’t really care that there are symbols on the monk’s moves. Just like the Paladin was clearly Christian with the crosses on his shields and moves and such. It gives a little color to the piece and it’s not “g.a.y” or stupid to me at least.

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