Tonight at midnight (technically Tuesday at 00:01) Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition goes live. If anyone’s holding a midnight launch event I can’t find mention of it online, and some eager fans are planning to grab copies at midnight from 24 hour retailers and then play together. That’s harder on a console since there’s not such a population who obtain the digital version and get it pre-installed and ready to roll when the servers go live, but such people do exist. (And they’re waiting for midnight to see their bonus items appear.)

    I don’t know many PC gamers who are eager for the UEE; after all, you guys all have Reaper of Souls already. The UEE is a huge upgrade over the original Diablo 3 console, but not a new thing for those of us with RoS. Purchase price in the US is $60 XboxOne/PS4 and $40 Xbox360/PS3, with a comparable price spread in other regions.

    Metacritic has 19 reviews so far, all positive with a 91% average score. There are no user reviews yet, so it remains to be seen if the old D3v hate will resurface 2+ years later on a completely different product. (It didn’t really appear in D3 console reviews by users, given that there was no RMAH or online-only to hate.)

    Want more info on the UEE?

  • The DiabloWikiDiablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition article in DiabloWiki.net is a comprehensive summary of the features in UEE, how it evolved during development, and how it differs from the PC version, with tons of blue quotes and links for more details.
  • Blizzard’s official Ultimate Evil Edition page is glossy with pictures and links to buy the game, but pretty light on content.
  • Blizzard recently confirmed ongoing patch support for the UEE going forward.
  • Josh Mosquera and Matthew Berger interview from this weekend at Gamescom, talking all about UEE’s imminent launch. (Begins at 31:10 time.)

    Anyone got UEE purchase and pay plans for this week? I won’t be joining you as I sold my thumbs to pay for new PC parts several years ago, but I know there are some console gamers amongst you.

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