Diablo III TV Commercial Premieres Sunday on Fox

Here we go folks the long awaited Diablo III TV Commercial. What we will get we don’t know but Blizzard promises us a cinematic trailer with some never before seen scenes. What ever it is I am very psyched to see it and hope you are too.

On Sunday, April 29, a new Diablo III television commercial will debut on FOX during Family Guy (9 p.m./8 p.m. Central). The spot includes a few juicy bits of never-before-seen Diablo III cinematic footage and sets a nightmarish tone as we count down the days to the end of days…

Flux Update: Anyone hoping for new game footage or info should temper those expectations and revisit the StarCraft 2 TV commercial. We’ll likely get a flaming D3 game logo + 28 seconds of scenes from the D3 CGI cinematics, all set to scary music and dramatic, gravely-voiced narration. Click through to revisit the SC2 commercial, if you’ve forgotten.

Honestly, would anyone guess this was for a video game, rather than a CGI film, if they didn’t know better? Amusingly, they could reuse this EXACT narration and the same on-screen captions for the D3 commercial.

“War is coming, in all its glory and horror. The wait is finally over.”

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  1. IF I didnt have to work id watch, however, this commercial will be up on youtube the following day no doubt. so eh.

    • Why Fox out of all? Aren’t the hyper-religious folks who seem to love Bill oReily gay going to get offended by such an unholy game?

      • Their news is conservative, their other shows are…controversial? Maybe that’s a good word. The idea is to draw people in. The news itself juxtaposes conservative viewpoints with “attractive” (for some value of attractive), thin, female blond anchors with large chests and shots and clips of various sexy things, like a shot of bikini-clad beachgoers, or the interior of a strip club, etc.
        It’s part of their overall modus operandi. Get people outraged, appeal to their basic subconscious urges, then attempt to convert them to a new, conservative line of thinking, all while raking in advertising money and high ratings.

      • Uh, Fox =/= Fox News Channel.  Also, those same people you’re talking about being offended by the game wouldn’t be watching Family Guy anyway.  I understand that you want to be cool and take a shot at Fox News like all the cool kids, but that was just a horrible, horrible attempt at it.

  2. Too bad Family Guy really, really sucks.

  3. Stewie would still make a way better Diablo host then Leah…
    Ontopic: /drool /psych

  4. I am really unsure about this, on one side, right now I am ridiculously hyped for the game (for umteenth time in five years since the announcement), so seeing a new cinematic footage would be really awesome. One the other side, I have alredy regreted seeing some new areas and those two introductionary trailers (the temptation was too damn high), and I really don’t want to see or hear anything about the game which might spoil anything at this point. So, I am quite torn.

    • Watch it. You can’t resist.

    • They seem to have certain topic guidelines about what they do or do not share. You’ve probably noticed that you usually see the same monsters on all those class skill clips for instance.
      If you’ve watched the Blizzcon 2011 lore panel, chances are that nothing’s going to shock you lore reveal wise.

    • I will be shocked if there’s more than 5 seconds of gameplay footage in the entire commercial, and if so it won’t be anything new. 


      Go watch the SC2 TV commercial; you’d never even know it’s for a video game, rather than a CGI Starcraft the Movie.

      • I love the CGI stuff. I’m always disappointed whenever they put in gameplay footage. I’m really hoping for a good epic CGI trailer to get pumped for the game.  

        Am I the only one?

      • For a commercial I think it’s fine for them to use CG cutscene footage – they’re just trying to get word about the game out there, and you can’t really give a strong sense of gameplay in a 30 second ad spot anyway – but I do resent the trend of having trailers that are nothing but CG cutscenes. Perhaps this isn’t as bad when it’s for an established series; the Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 reveal trailers didn’t really say much about the game, but most people already kinda know what to expect from those titles in general. Overall I prefer getting gameplay info instead of just some fluff CGI though. The reveal trailers for the WoW expansions have actually been really good at showing in-game footage and giving some idea about new gameplay mechanics.

      • To be fair to the SC2 commercial (regarding your front-page update), the “War is coming” line is actually from the Starcraft 2 single-player campaign.

  5. The Family Guy time slot decision is a stones throw away from making me not buy this game.

    • not sure if troll or a tool that fancies himself an intellectual who is above such entertainment… either way, it’s sad… fact of the matter is, even Harvard had Seth MacFarlane come and speak a few years back, so guess what, you aren’t above it…

      • The show is riddled with infantile humor, and it doesn’t require a pseudo-intellectual to muster up that epiphany.  Crude humor has nothing to do with it being an utter snooze fest.  The piss-poor jokes try to come on too strong, and it takes a special fucking retard to laugh at Peter Griffin grasping his knee and cringing vocally for a minute on repeat.  Lets not forget the abhorrent “peanut butter jelly time” that you hear stoners and trash repeat on a daily basis giggling at the same poorly placed punchline.  And speaking at Harvard means absolutely nothing. 

        • I’m a special retard with a BS in Mathematics? Neat. Apparently I have been diagnosed, over the internet, by a stranger! I must be really high-functioning, or something then.
          Do you have next weeks lottery numbers, or is that outside of your sphere of ability?

          And whatever happened to Amelia Earhart? Where is Jimmy Hoffa? I’ve got lots of questions…

          • Well, a BS in mathematics probably wasn’t the best choice.  You could go to grad school and get your doctorate in math, and then maybe teach.  Stewart already dominates the textbook market so no hopes on cashing in on that cash cow.  Wtf do you do with a BS in mathematics? 

          • Much better than teaching.  Use anything beyond integrals or do you feel all those years were wasted?

          • Actually I don’t use the advanced, highly generalized stuff directly (abstract algebra, topology, etc.) but there are uses for differential equations, complex mathematics, multivariable calculus (the more concrete stuff). Additionally, my education in particular taught me a lot about analytical and critical thinking and problem solving, which are of course applicable to any technical field. They were definitely not wasted years! Thanks for asking. It’s nice when conversations turn out like this. Looking back, I might have chosen to start with physics, but I am glad I got the highly rigorous treatment of problems that mathematics offers as the starting off point. It’s like learning to drive in a very large truck. Makes driving a regular car a lot easier by comparison because you have to learn how to drive very carefully, so in principle you should become a better driver.

            And god yes, much better than teaching…
            Oops…Accidentally edited the previous post and now I forgot exactly what I wrote.

          • Man, don’t defend yourself against that jackass, if he doesn’t want to buy D3 because of… Family Guy, then good riddance.
            I’ve tried to minor in math for a few semesters and if it taught me one thing, it’s this: Respect for math degrees of all (university) levels.

            There’s a reason why the unemployment rate among mathematicians is extremely low, at least in my country. There are only a few jobs that require math skills of that level, but mathematicians aquire a certain way of thinking and problem solving that is highly valued in many jobs.

          • More math correlates with more income. And keep at the math!
            In the US there are about 3500 jobs total that use math explicitly and directly, and they are all university/college positions. To realistically use math in a career you have to get a different skillset (engineering, technology, business, medicine, science) but it is an excellent starting point for any educational path. Employers also love to have mathematicians on their team because they bring things to the table no other educational path can offer, or at least, not in the same rigorous manner. Hence, keep at it!

        • I know a few dudes in real life who dont like Family Guy. The other thing they have in common is that they’re all pretty boring.

    • lol *shrugs*
      they could advertise it on ‘the view’ for all i care.  this ad’s for some demographic that doesn’t know d3’s around the corner, and if we’re all here reading this, that ain’t us.
      besides, whatever new baddies they show will be mauling me into a corpse on the 15th anyways.

    • Oh, you don’t approve of Family Guy?  Please tell me all the obscure cartoons you watch in your mom’s basement.

    • And the reason is…why?  It’s a popular show, aimed what I assume is the main age group they are targeting for the game, so it makes sense to advertise during it.  So because they want to advertise during it, THAT will make you not buy the game?  I hope you don’t, because that’s the type of person I’d rather not even have the slightest chance of coming across in game.

    • I’m not a fan of Family Guy either (to each their own), but I wouldn’t make a purchasing decision based on who they choose to advertise with.

  6. So apparently Family Guy is the highest-rated and most watched slot for Blizzard to decide airing their commercial. I guess with the audience’s demographic, it kinda makes sense.

    • So the point of your post is then?  You basically just gave yourself the reason.  What would be a better show to air it in?  Desperate Housewives?  Maybe then they could get all the lonely wives playing too.

      • Uh the point of my post, r-tard, is that I agree with the desicion. I didn’t make any sarcastic or biting remark about it, so I don’t know why are you PMSing your pants off.

  7. Maybe they choose the family guy spot because it’s the best time to catch as much people as possible.
    Or may be because ads during family guy are cheaper than other Tv show

  8. omg just the best show there is  

  9. Family Guy was at times hilarious, but overall it is one of the most un-funny shows of all time.
    Its humor is hateful and spiteful. People like it because well, they are being almost coerced into it by a very negatively biased half-truth kind of humor which shows the world through the lens of some kind of angry introverted bigot. Forced laughs echo from the lonely condominiums of 35 year-old overweight bachelors, sitting at home all night thinking everyone is a moron except them.
    There are ten missed opportunities on that show for every joke they manage to actually land, and the viciousness of the humor is not worth the price of admission to anyone who thrives on positivity not negativity, or cares about someone other than themselves.
    A Shame that Diablo 3 is at all associated with such a show, and I’m glad to see I’m not alone at all in this opinion. 8)

    • ..and you can stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it. :mrgreen:

    • your right i think we all should start watching your show! oh wait you dont have a show..

    • News flash: people like vicious humor. Why do you think things like South Park or Celebrity Roasts have been and still are so popular… Another news flash: of course it is biased. Almost anything that comes from a small group of writers/creators with similar views is going to be biased… Honestly I’d say that his shows call out people for being biased, but obviously something that he has a lot of influence over is going to reflect his viewpoints. That is the nature of all media…

      My main criticism of Family Guy is that it has become more and more of a social/political commentary with a lot of random violence in the past couple seasons instead of the old format of having it’s characters get into weird/crazy situations just for the humor of it, but what can you do?

  10. Haha oh my gooood I can’t wait.

  11. I guess it is going to be the Tyrael and Imperius cinematic that got cut off from 15th year retrospective cinematic.

    • I was about to post the same thing, but you beat me to it… I would not be surprised in the slightest if the “never before seen” stuff is just what they cut out of the retrospective…

      • High probablity there. I mean what else can they show ? Not a cinematic between acts I’m sure. We got the opening cinematic too

  12. Is anyone else surprised that it has taken this long for a TV advertisement?

  13. why is everyone so angry all the time? last week people are freaking out because there is no commercial and now there is and its not premiering on whatever there favorite show is, does it really matter? what show should it have appeared on the super bowl? come on people quit coming on here and being negative cant you just be happy and come on here once and have something nice to say?

    • In response to some other outbreak of QQing, I once quoted my old Granny’s exasperated tag line, “You’d bitch if you was hung with a new rope.”  I don’t know if I’d break it out again in this thread, but complaining about the show the first D3 commercial will be shown on is pretty far down the importance-o-meter. Given that it’ll be on the Diablo YT channel 30 seconds later, and in news on this site 30 seconds after that.

      • But this gives pseduo-intellectuals an avenue to flaunt their feigned superiority over lesser beings. I like to call it autoerotic sophistication.

  14. This kind of makes sense given Abd al-Hazir blatantly sounds like Stewie from Family guy!

  15. I foresee a commentary post comparing the D1 to D2 to D3 commercials…

  16. You fuckin people kill me. What, does a show like family guy hurt your feelings? Is it to crude for your lofty mind? Oh, I guess you don’t like seeing people get their feelings hurt or practical jokes. GDWTF

  17. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am certainly going to be whatching this commercial whilst eating cool whipped whoopie pies with Whill Wheaton and Whoopie Goldberg. Take that, pseudointellectuals.

  18. Rodge screamed when this was read. 0_o

  19. The graphics and such that I have seen so far look great but, I for one will not buy a game that is exclusively played online  with no single player mode. After spending $50 + for a game it would suck to say something online and get censored off of their servor. Then you have a very expensive coaster. In my opinion if I purchase a game I also purchase the right to play it, so for them to be able to decide for any reason I can’t, will keep me from buying what looks like a great game.

    • This is super relevant to this television commercial news!

    • So you want to play it singleplayer? Well that is entirely possible and you even get to pause the game by pressing esscape. Yes, you have to be online, but you will not be banned for saying anything while playing singlelpayer. There won’t be anyone to report you. What do you think you will be doing to make them ban you from playing the game exactly?

      • I was wondering why he posts on a d3 fan site if he’s notbuying the game no need to argue he has nothing to Lose or gain nuff said life goes on 

  20. The trolls are winning.  🙁

  21. Shut up you stupid intelligent-nerds!! THERE WILL BE A D3 COMMERCIAL ON SUNDAY??? YAY!!!

  22. I think all the haters are just using this opportunity to burn Family guy, and well… you know, haters gna hate. Spending time to write an essay on something you hate… boy you must have a lot of time. If you hate it why spend so much time talking about it… unless you really like being hateful and spiteful( just like the show is ey 😛 ) and hurt feelings of people who like or accept the show.

    If you getting all sour and wondering if you must still buy D3 after it shares time with Family guy or the gathering at the church down your road or karaoke night at the bar… I hope you don’t buy the game so I won’t get a chance to play with you. I hope even more you get over your issues and become the best person you can be so we can all enjoy the best game to ever come out.

  23. It should have been southpark not family guy .. 8) Even though I like both

  24. So far, best ad I’ve ever seen is that from Diablo 2. Just wonder, if it will be beaten by D3

  25. who else bets that the unseen cinematic stuff is actually already SEEN cinematic stuff? anyone still remember the botched Diablo 15 Year Retrospective vid a while back? ye know……..Imperius being awesome…..Tyrael looking menacing…….Diablo looking pissed…..any of dat ringin bells doods?

  26. Well, Diablo 2 commercial did not have gameplay footage either.

  27. Who the hell gives a fuck about a commercial.. especially this close to launch

  28. lol @ “long awaited tv commercial premier”? sounds like being advertised to is a privilege to some of you. When d3 xpak or d4 comes out might as well line up and pay admission ticket to watch the tv ads

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