Here we go folks the long awaited Diablo III TV Commercial. What we will get we don’t know but Blizzard promises us a cinematic trailer with some never before seen scenes. What ever it is I am very psyched to see it and hope you are too.

    On Sunday, April 29, a new Diablo III television commercial will debut on FOX during Family Guy (9 p.m./8 p.m. Central). The spot includes a few juicy bits of never-before-seen Diablo III cinematic footage and sets a nightmarish tone as we count down the days to the end of days…

    Flux Update: Anyone hoping for new game footage or info should temper those expectations and revisit the StarCraft 2 TV commercial. We’ll likely get a flaming D3 game logo + 28 seconds of scenes from the D3 CGI cinematics, all set to scary music and dramatic, gravely-voiced narration. Click through to revisit the SC2 commercial, if you’ve forgotten.

    Honestly, would anyone guess this was for a video game, rather than a CGI film, if they didn’t know better? Amusingly, they could reuse this EXACT narration and the same on-screen captions for the D3 commercial.

    “War is coming, in all its glory and horror. The wait is finally over.”

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