Diablo III: The Order Preview

Along with the launch of DiabloWikiDiablo III on May 15th, a companion novel called The Order by Nate Kenyon will be released. We’ve known about this tandem release for a while now, and there has been a short preview on the Darkness Falls unlock page. There is now an 8 chapter preview available, which you can read at your leisure over at Simon and Schuster’s website.

The novel follows DiabloWikiDeckard Cain and other familiar characters through various journeys throughout DiabloWikiSanctuary, and sets the story within the memories of Deckard Cain. It’s interesting to get a glimpse into the child Deckard before he became the wizened elder we now know. The founding of his beliefs seem oddly mirrored in how he has been raising Leah, the effect of which remains to be seen. There’s a lot of material in the 8 chapters available, and it may contain some spoilers for the game – so read at your own risk!

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    9 thoughts on “Diablo III: The Order Preview

    1. Whoa! Eight  whole chapters available online? I think that’s pretty much. I don’t wanna read it tough. I’ll first play the game and after that I’ll buy the book.

    2. I don’t know why they would put this book on a death sentence by releasing it the same day as D3.

    3. I would have to agree, I have all the books and have this one pre-ordered, but I don’t see how they would expect it to really sell that good at the same time as D3 and have people read it when they could be playing. They should have released it sometime around this time so people could pick up some more lore before the game came out.

    4. I have this book in my hands as we speak. I am 6 chapters in and LOVING it so far.. can’t wait to finish it before the game hits.

    5. Well, I would call the writing mediocre, heh.
      But it is nice to have plot holes filled in 🙂
      Captcha: “magical realism”. If only!

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