Here’s the fourth and final installment in our Year in Review series. This one covers the last four months that wrapped up the first year since Diablo 3 was announced, on June 28, 2008.  You’ll note that this year has thirteen months, since this review began with June 2008, a month that was quite busy with D3 pre-announcement news. This final installment covers March, April, May, and June 2009, and you can see the first, second, and third parts if you missed them.

    Now that the first year has been covered, this feature will continue on a monthly basis, recapping notable events of the previous 30 (or so) days. Not that reading them will give you any excuse to stop checking the news on a daily basis.  Click through for the full article.

    March 2009

    March’s interviews and major media. All March’s headlines.

    March started off by going old school, with Bashiok requesting community suggestions for things to be fixed or improved on in the Diablo 2 v1.13 patch. Hundreds of Diablo 2 loyalists replied. Sadly, we’re still waiting for results on this one, with Bashiok’s most recent “why v1.13 was delayed” post surfacing on July 1st.

    Also on the third, our WoW sister site reported that the massive (life size?) Orc Wolfrider statue had been delivered to Blizzard’s headquarters. It wasn’t erected until the 17th, and as of July 1st the installation is still under construction.

    The fifth brought another of this month’s many Bashiok forum posts. This one had a little extra intrigue, as he answered a question about item upgrades with another question, “where is the system in Diablo III that allows us to make base weapons more powerful? That

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