It’s been a while since we’ve taken a gander at Blizzard’s Jobs page. They’ve got hundreds of job openings listed, in all sorts of areas, but since we’re allegedly a Diablo fansite, we’ll concentrate on the Diablo jobs, for now. There are six open positions, all in their Irvine headquarters. Orc Wolf Rider statue FTW!

    • Quest Designer/ Scripter
    • Senior Quest Designer/Scripter
    • Game Designer
    • Senior Game Designer
    • Senior Writer
    • Writer

    If six seems like a lot, there are 12 World of Warcraft and 13 Starcraft II jobs listed, but none of them have the “! Indicates a particularly critical position” icon on them. (Of the 18 job openings on the Next Gen MMO, 6 are critical.) Both the Quest Designer jobs for Diablo III bear the critical designation, and both have been open for quite a while. If we get to Act III and Cain’s like, “Go find some monster eyes or whatever, bring them back. Chop chop.” we’ll know what went wrong.  Both those jobs have quite hefty requirements; a programming degree or equivalent, 3+ years experience writing quests for a game that actually shipped, etc. Which is probably why they’ve remained unfilled for so long.  The two Game Designer jobs are much the same, requiring years of relevant industry experience. If you haven’t already designed a game that shipped, good luck.

    It’s interesting that there are no art or programming jobs open; all six are, “think up cool stuff to make the game fun” type jobs. Which lots of us think we could do, but convincing Blizzard of that fact, e.g., meeting the job requirements, is the hard part. The two writer jobs aren’t quite as steep in their requirements, but there again, if you’ve not written for computer games, or published work in a similar field, you’re not going to be considered. Yes, you need to do more than be able to use the word “enigmatic” in a sentence to write for Blizzard. Who knew?

    It’s surprising Blizzard is having so much trouble filling their job openings, as many gaming studios as have closed or cut back in the last couple of years, but let’s wish them luck in adding the right people to their projects, Waiting “until it’s done” is hard enough; having that wait extended by a lack of qualified personnel would be even worse.

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