Diablo III Supported by New nVidia SLI Drivers

Thanks to Nizaris and Timothy for pointing us to a driver update from nVidia, which lists Diablo III amongst the titles now receiving SLI support:

Added or updated SLI profiles for Battlefield 3, Dead Island, Diablo III, Dragon Age 2, Need for Speed: The Run, and Saints Row: The Third.

What’s SLI? In a nutshell, this means that supported titles will run super extra if you use two SLI video cards in a compatible motherboard. More info here, or in nVidia’s full SLI FAQ. Given how well the Diablo III beta runs on even low end systems (like mine) this SLI tech is probably irrelevant for any machine that’s new and powerful enough to run it. But hey, no true techie would ever let cold, drab reality get in the way of his hardware upgrade desires.

Update: Horst and a couple of others point out that 3D won’t just be a a typo for “D3” anymore, since Diablo III is listed as supported by nVidia’s 3D drivers as well.

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    18 thoughts on “Diablo III Supported by New nVidia SLI Drivers

    1. For completeness sake, SLI is the tech that allows you to utilize two nvidia graphics cards at the same time. AMD has an equivalent technology called crossfire.
      Having two graphics cards to run a game that runs fine on one (at least most SLI capable cards) is unnecessary, but I guess it makes graphics nerds happy 🙂

        • I was handicapped in my news post by my utter indifference to the technology in question. It’s been many years since I cared enough about any hardware stuff to keep up with this sort of thing.

          I’ll pose one question for debate. Is it more frivolous to buy 2 video cards and a special motherboard (and the rest of the customized system) to get a few more FPS on the highest detail levels of a video game? Or to buy computer made by Apple, knowing it will cost 50% more for the same power and 1/10th the software options of a PC?

          Now that I’ve enraged geeks on both sides of the hardware debate, I’ll admit that I should have spent more than 30 seconds glancing at the poorly-written nvidia FAQ before throwing a quick explanation into this post.

          • double graphic cards = overrated
            apple computers = overrated
            Unless you like to waste money for just the looks of it…

            • I’m in the third category.
              On the SLI topic, it wouldn’t be a good move from NVidia if they wouldn’t support SLI on a major game like D3. Because of this technology, people are buying two or three video cards for a single system. At least if you look at game benchmarks you can see some scaling with an SLI rig, which can be an incentive for buying that many video cards, even if you don’t always need that performance boost. Personally I have a Radeon 5970. which is a single physical video card but has 2 GPUs that are running in CrossFire, so if the game doesn’t properly support CrossFire, it’s like i’m only using half of my video card. There are equivalents on the NVidia side.

    2. I’m not a techie at all…which setting(s) of the 3-D settings should we adjust to make d3 (potentially) run smoother?

      • All depends on your hardware, Resolution and AA is 2 things you should look into either go for Higher resolution and less AA or Medium resolution and higher AA .

    3. Diablo III engine will easily run on “old” machines… I don’t really see any reason to go SLI for this game. Blizzard never aimed to offer “amazing” graphics, to be honest.

      • Its added in the driver for people that already have SLi people do play more then Diablo you know 😉

    4. Nevertheless it’s good to know for those who already have or will have a sli system for other games, that it wont’t cause additional problems with diablo 3. But as far as i know there are still problems with sli/crossfire microlags and one strong single gpu always does the job… so…. ❓ :mrgreen:

    5. What’s SLI? In a nutshell, this means that Diablo III will run super extra fast if your video card and motherboard are compatible with SLI technology.
      this is completely wrong…

    6. Every game that has a 3D engine can run in nvidia 3D vision without any extra support.
      Nvidia had actually added some Diablo-specific tweaks in the last driver.

    7. Why would we need SLI or crossfire to run D3, it is not even that high in term of requirements. Seems pretty useless.

      • If you play at 2560×1600 with four people, there must be enough graphical effects to demand it. Add minions and massive boss fights to the mix. Hopefully it does push it.

      • The update in teh driver is still for people that already have SLi or plan to get it for any number of reasons such as other games, and if there is poor support for a specific game then their experience with that game would be shit tbh,

    8. Some of you are a bit off the mark here.  After running an SLI-based machine for 4 years and a CrossfireX machine for 2 years I would like to share the following: 1) these technologies help in WUXGA 1920×1200 resolutions or higher (QSXGA and beyond) and/or 2) if you like features such as 16x FSAA.  This is kind of neat for the 0.5% of players that this applies to. HAQATTAQ’s comment is correct.
      THAT SAID, if you are running something like an 8600GTS and you want to buy another one for $40 (assuming you have an SLI board), you will be able to kick the sliders up a notch or two.

    9. i am building a new system for D3 [its been 3-4 years so its time anyway] and i wont be going sli.  a single 560 should be just fine for max setting and its reasonably priced to put in a tower thats about $1400 all in.  in fact im buying the case friday because its on sale at the local tigerdirect.  the corsair graphite series in white.  nice!  building your system + D3 + marathoning at launch = heaven

    10. D3 needs no sli , at least not with the new cards . It doenst support multiscreen and its requirements are low.
      As for sli it has its uses ,for exaple sli got better power/price ratio then two gpu cards.

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