Diablo III SmartPhone Wallpapers

A Bashiok tweet pointed out something I didn’t notice before; that Blizzard released those last five Brom wallpapers in 320×480 images designed for phones. These are the first official Diablo wallpapers for smart phones, but it reminded me that we’ve had a whole huge gallery of Diablo 3 Smartphone wallpapers since early 2011. The contents are mostly thanks to HolyKnight making nifty adaptations of a bunch of his Fiery Runes wallpapers, but a few other fans have contributed their wallpapers to it as well, and now along comes Blizzard with this official offering.

Smartphones today are much more common than they were even a year ago, so I figured this was an ideal time to publicize our extensive gallery, and to encourage more fans to create their D3 wallpapers in such a handy and portable resolution. If you’re into that sort of thing, check out the Fan Creations Forum and upload or link to your images in a thread there. If you just want a D3 shiny for your phone, check out the full gallery; a handful of sample images can be seen below.

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4 thoughts on “Diablo III SmartPhone Wallpapers

  1. Is #4 a rorschach test? I see diablo definitely appears more female this time around.  😆

  2. if I use a tablet should I use smartphone wallpapers or regular ones? 

    Or is it possible the artsy guys around could make special resolutions of their wallpapers for tablets  😉

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