There are several interesting posts from Bashiok today: one is a blooper in the gameplay video and the second is a very cool detail in the gameplay video that couldn’t be perceived as intended and most people missed. While critters usually die in one shot when doing AOE damage, the critters in Diablo III keep doing their thing as if they were tickled super-bunnies.


    Ladranas: The firebomb attack will annihilate anything, except the rabbit that it directly hit.  Haha, not trying to troll around, but if you look at the gameplay vid the WD targets a rabbit with the firebomb spell and it continues to sit there and eat grass haha.  I always knew critters were the most powerful part of any game! Will we be seeing an “Elixir of Critter Strength I ” ? =)

    Bashiok: Heh, I think someone brought this up a long time ago and I replied to it then too. There was a bug in that build that caused critters to sometimes not be effected by direct damage. If you bombed them off to one side though they’d go flying. To put your mind at ease, bunnies will axplode!


    Frozen-wolf: Previously when beta tests were announced and sign-ups were launched, sign-ups that occur from the same household were disqualified. I was wondering if people who live in the same house, who apply for different battle.net accounts and both opt-in for betas will be disqualified?

    Datth: Unfortunately we do not have information on beta signups or events. If you signed up for one, please check the details/fine print carefully to see what is eligible.

    Elsewhere, a poster with a lot of nitpicks and an eye for detail pointed out some issues with the Blizzcast inventory screenshots. Bashiok took him on, point by point.

    Why does the Fury wheel change graphics?

    The screenshots were taken on two different builds. The graphic layer behind the fury meter was broken for a while, and the screenshots show it being broken and also when it was fixed. So they don’t quite match up.

    After confirming his guess (the same one we made on the DiabloWikiInterface page) about the six control buttons, Bashiok explained why the Party button was grayed out.

    The name for that button, as it was at BlizzCon, is “Social”. It’s not implemented, so it’s grayed out.

    What’s up with the tiny icon in the lower right, next to the gold display?

    Ah, yeah. Jay caught that too. It’s just one of many little issues you can spot in the screenshots that are due to left over/old UI elements commingling with new ones. Two different visual indications of currency next to each other. Oh well.

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