Fmulder hopped on his googlehorse (of course of course) and dug up a bunch more DiabloWikiDiablo III reviews from gaming sites, which have been added to the wiki article. Quick links and score, since there are lots and I’m not about to start reading all of them at this point.

  • Lazy Gamer: 95
  • Game Grin: 90.
  • Game Dynamo: 90.
  • For Love of Gaming: 90 (Despite the review’s annoyance stemming from his never finding the Elective Mode.)
  • Rocket Chainsaw: 90
  • Hooked Gamers: 86
  • Canadian Online: 80.
  • Robots Gone Bad: 7.5 (Despite and 8 or 9 in every review category?)
  • Pixel Smashers: No score.
  • It’s not like any of you guys are still considering whether to buy D3 or not, and are reading reviews to make up your mind… but do you see any point in reviews? Some comments on our last review post were asking for more detailed, evaluative reviews, but how or who could write those at this point? It’s too big a game with too much content to try out more than a fraction of it in the first month, much less the first week.

    Thus, the critics tend to focus on early impressions, or obsess over RMAH or no-PvP or the DRM. Those are all sideshows though, since what really matters to the core fans (that’s us) are the long term features and balance, and those can not be evaluated at all at this point, largely since Blizzard is going to make (and already is) big changes to balance and skills and items in patches in the immediate future.

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