Another batch of DiabloWikiDiablo III Reviews fresh off the presses.

  • Joystiq.com: 5/5 score, much love.
  • Nerd Reactor reviews up through Nightmare with individual grades for various categories that average out to an overall A-.
  • PC World NZ rates D3 a 4.5/5.
  • AtomicMPC rates Diablo III a 79%. The author seems to like everything about the game except for the online requirement.
  • BlogCritics.com submits a five-page review wiht a 4/5 final score.
  • The Koalition offers a lengthy review that awards a 8/10 total.
  • RP Site offers a very long review with a final score of 90%.
  • Gamers Daily News gives a 9.0/10 final score.
  • Games.on.net hosted a roundtable discussion but didn’t include an actual review score. They’re fans of the skills and graphics, but dislike the technical issues and storytelling.
  • Gearburn.com has what they call a review, but if there’s a final score somewhere I couldn’t find it.
  • Kotaku didn’t give a score either, but the review is strongly positive on the whole.
  • DigitalSpy UK awards a 4/5 score.
  • GamingBlend gives up a 4/5 score.
  • Sydney Central offers lots of short paragraphs and positive words, but no score.
  • Attack of the Fan Boy offers words and also a video review, with a final score of “I Loved.”
  • You can see all published D3 reviews archived in the Diablo Wiki in the DiabloWikiDiablo III reviews article. There are now 46 listed, including all the ones on Metacritic. If you’ve seen one we haven’t added yet, let us know.

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