Diablo III Reviews: Batch VI

Another dozen DiabloWikiDiablo III reviews that we’ve just added to the wiki article. The pace is slowing as pretty much everyone who is going to review the game already has, but a few more may trickle in yet. This brings the total to 135 reviews (including the 19 no scores). Of those, seventy-nine ranked the game with a 90 or higher, vs. 37 at 89 or lower.

If anyone with some patience and a statistical inclination wants to break down the figures more thoroughly, be my guest. I’ll be happy to credit you and quote your conclusions in a news post.

  • ZT GTame Domain: 95
  • News10.net: 91
  • Gaming Nexus: 91
  • OU Daily: 90
  • Game Industry.com: 90
  • Ten Ton Hammer: 90
  • RPG Fan:90
  • Computer Games Online: 84
  • Associated Press: 80
  • PMGN.com: 77
  • San Mateo Daily Journal: 75
  • CPU Gamer: 70
  • Level 7.nu: 70
  • USA Today: No score.
  • NPR.org: No score.
  • Do these reviews and rankings really mean anything to anyone? Though we’ve got 40+ more scored reviews than Metacritic, and an average a few points higher, that site is useful since we can compare Diablo III to other RPGs and past Blizzard titles. On MetaCritic, Diablo III has an 89 average from major critics (and a 4.0 from {strike>haters fans). That’s actually better than the 88 for D2 and 87 for D2X, though those titles got 8.5 and 9.0 from fans. D3’s 89 is also better than the critic scores for Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 1, believe it or not.

    That said, it’s pretty well known that most video game scores are very generous, and that a game has to be basically broken, and not released by a major publisher, to get rated much below 85.

    I don’t think anyone’s taking the user reviews of D3 on Metacritic or Amazon.com very seriously, skewed as they were by launch day B.net issues, haters with axes to grind about the DRM and RMAH, etc. I am curious to see how you guys rate it though, now that you’ve played enough (or perhaps too much) to have a more balanced opinion. So maybe next week on the main page vote we’ll open up that option and see what a big block of the most dedicated Diablo III fans will rate the title.

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    1. CPU Gamer: 70″ is a pretty honest review IMO: horrible and ridiculous story and voice acting, no atmosphere, no memorable music, and boring loot ; the universe of Diablo destroyed with some fancy graphics that don’t work at all in that context. Yet, great sound effects design, crazy cathartic action with an enormous portential. Sounds paradoxical, but that’s more or less my opinion as well.

    2. Haven’t played it yet. My wife and I have chosen not to have internet or cable to free up money to put towards school loans. I’ve played D2 since its release and have been really excited about D3. No hard feelings towards Blizz on the DRM; just a sale they’re losing out on. I have been getting active in the single player forum, though. Great group of people.

      • “My wife and I have chosen not to have internet or cable to free up money to put towards school loans.” 

        Good for you. It’s not worth 60 bucks anyways. I’m sticking with my original 6.5/10. 

    3. Of course they don’t matter.  Anyone who was going to buy this game already has.  I’m sure they’ll still sell fairly well but they made their money back and then some in 24 hours.  Let the reviewers write what they please, but they’re going to have no impact on sales at this point.  Basically, reviews for D3 are about as useful as floss for newborns.

    4. D3 isn’t without problems, but I’d have to honestly say that I’ve never had this much fun playing a game in my entire life.  I have thousands of games under my belt, so this is no tiny statement.

      I’m hoping that all the major issues will be fixed within the next 6-12 months.  Most noticeably Inferno, lack of interesting item affixes, and the game forcing certain builds due to underpowered skills and lack of interesting and powerful item affixes, on top of Inferno being broken.

    5. Bah ha, I always read news in RSS or on my phone, totally forgot I swapped to the Whimsyshire skin.

      No, I don’t really care about reviews.  They’re somewhat helpful if I’m looking into a new game/film/show/etc, but I already know I like D3, I don’t really care if someone else does or doesn’t.

      I’d personally give D3 a 95.  I’m accustomed to a little downtime so I didn’t feel the need to cry like a sobbing infant.  The only bone I have to pick is the commodities, but now I’ve got plenty of stash space, I can wait it out.

    6. I wrote one of the reviews on there, and I have to tell you that to objectively review this game after you’ve only had a week to play, well, you don’t have time to really let the polish wear off. I slammed some portions of the game that other reviewers didn’t, but even so, I was having a great time. It took me until I was well into act 1 of inferno before beginning to really get pissed off and notice all the glaring flaws that I didn’t have the opportunity to see until playing at the highest level.

      That, and some stuff these general reviewers, they just aren’t going to notice or care about. Now, if we all did updated previews? I’m sure it’d be a different story.

    7. I’ve been playing co-op with my wife since release day, and while we’ve had our teeth grinding moments with BNet availability, they pale into insignificance next to the sheer, concentrated fun baked into this game. I would give it a 90%, and with a couple of expansions more content under its belt, I’m sure this score will go up.

    8. I’m 30+ years old.  I don’t get to game as much as I used to.  Most games I enjoy out of the gate and they lose their luster before I even finish them.  I could list all kinds of games that I haven’t finished (Red Dead Redemption – which I loved – was an unfortunate casualty of my PS3 dying, or I would have finished that one). I have played through Diablo 5 times already. I’ve got a Wizard about to polish off A2Inf, and really, that act 2 run has been the most satisfying gaming experience I’ve had in ages.  That character alone has over 100 hours in it.  (I wish games would STOP telling me how many hours I’ve played).  

      I’m at work reading a Diablo website as my day winds down, thinking about how I’m going to defeat Belial’s 3rd phase tonight.  I’m looking forward to playing.  I have 100+ hours in a non-mmo and I’m looking forward to playing.  That’s my review.  I don’t care what number you throw on it.  It’s damned entertaining and I enjoy playing it. 

    9. I follow the IGN rating: 95%

      Why? Because the game is addicting and the haters can’t come up with decent arguments.

      In fact every time I go to the official forums and see them banging their heads against the success of yet a new Blizzard game I smile and want to go back to the game as soon as possible.

      In WOW forums I would get angry if they attacked the game but in Diablo 3 the haters make a fool of themselves really. Arguments like \it is online only, we want LAN and local copies\, makes me laugh.

      THOUSANDS of games are online only now and local copies for a PC game ? Really: a 10 year old would understand you can’t have a trading game with 2 million people with a copied client disc.

      And LAN parties? the last one I knew were 5 years ago.

      The same goes for those ridiculous D2 guys. What a laugh really because I played D2 and it was not even half the game D3  is. The best moment is always when a dude links gameplay of D1/D2 on screen. It is SOOOO ridiculous you think these guys never even launched D1/D2. 

      Finally the loot whiners in D3. \I played for 2 weeks and I only got 1 Legendary drop\. Just like that. They want 5 legendaries to drop for their class AND spec per day. Really …

      The game is AWESOME. But my bet is that the few hundred Metacritic posters (with triple fake accounts) and the few dozen hate posters (with dual accounts) on every forum are battling a LOST cause. You see Diablo 3 already broke all PC sales records and  it is never a game \you quit\, because it doesn’t even have a subscription fee and players are ALL on one server. Empty servers is an expression a game like Diablo doesn’t understand…

      Diablo 3 is a kind of game that resides on your HD and you will go back to it every time you want some simple, fast and fun dungeon crawling with a different class, different challenge, different playing mode (hardcore, groups, friends, family) and the Auction House is always there to help you out… tldr: God send game in a time full of duds…

               95% I deduct 5 % to show hope for an expansion in 2013.           

    10. Overall I LOVE the game, but the items stats. I would like to have something like slow/blind target, crushing blow, chance to cast, deadly strike, etc ala D2. But other than that, everything is PERFECT.

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