Another dozen DiabloWikiDiablo III reviews that we’ve just added to the wiki article. The pace is slowing as pretty much everyone who is going to review the game already has, but a few more may trickle in yet. This brings the total to 135 reviews (including the 19 no scores). Of those, seventy-nine ranked the game with a 90 or higher, vs. 37 at 89 or lower.

    If anyone with some patience and a statistical inclination wants to break down the figures more thoroughly, be my guest. I’ll be happy to credit you and quote your conclusions in a news post.

  • ZT GTame Domain: 95
  • News10.net: 91
  • Gaming Nexus: 91
  • OU Daily: 90
  • Game Industry.com: 90
  • Ten Ton Hammer: 90
  • RPG Fan:90
  • Computer Games Online: 84
  • Associated Press: 80
  • PMGN.com: 77
  • San Mateo Daily Journal: 75
  • CPU Gamer: 70
  • Level 7.nu: 70
  • USA Today: No score.
  • NPR.org: No score.
  • Do these reviews and rankings really mean anything to anyone? Though we’ve got 40+ more scored reviews than Metacritic, and an average a few points higher, that site is useful since we can compare Diablo III to other RPGs and past Blizzard titles. On MetaCritic, Diablo III has an 89 average from major critics (and a 4.0 from {strike>haters fans). That’s actually better than the 88 for D2 and 87 for D2X, though those titles got 8.5 and 9.0 from fans. D3’s 89 is also better than the critic scores for Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 1, believe it or not.

    That said, it’s pretty well known that most video game scores are very generous, and that a game has to be basically broken, and not released by a major publisher, to get rated much below 85.

    I don’t think anyone’s taking the user reviews of D3 on Metacritic or Amazon.com very seriously, skewed as they were by launch day B.net issues, haters with axes to grind about the DRM and RMAH, etc. I am curious to see how you guys rate it though, now that you’ve played enough (or perhaps too much) to have a more balanced opinion. So maybe next week on the main page vote we’ll open up that option and see what a big block of the most dedicated Diablo III fans will rate the title.

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