This one is pretty lame, but since it’s all over gaming sites, we might as well point it out as well. Kaputnik.com, a minor and unstaffed gaming site has posted an item claiming the Diablo III Beta will begin September 11, 2009, and the game will be released Christmas Eve, December 24, 2009. They even list some invented system requirements. The quote:

    Associates working on a Diablo 3 game design have supplied the following information.

    The release date for the online beta multiplayer trial version is currently set to: 11th September, 2009

    The final version, available for purchase is to be released before Christmas: 24th December, 2009

    The system requirements are likely to be:

    Operating System: Windows XP/ Vista
    Processor: 1.4GHz or higher CPU.
    RAM: 1Gb or more.
    Video:  128Mb video card Dx9
    Hard Drive Space: 4-8GB

    Needless to say, this is not anything official from Blizzard. It’s not even a very good fake rumor, as far as fake rumors go. As everyone knows by now, Blizzard never reveals beta test or release dates until shortly before they arrive. They’ve not even given dates for Starcraft 2 yet, and it’s well ahead of Diablo III in the development process. So of course they’ve said nothing about Diablo III’s release other than their usual “when it’s done.” There’s no way they’ve even got an internal date that’s more specific than a quarter or half year, since the time required for game development and beta testing varies so much from game to game. The same goes for system requirements, since those evolve during a project, and are largely based on what sort of system the average user can be expected to obtain.

    In cast you’re entertaining any idea this might be accurate, check out Kaputik’s About page. Here’s the full text:

    This website lets anyone register and post your own news. As well as discuss hot topics and write yor own articles.

    Seems like “anyone” did register and post their own “news,” this time.

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