So, reports have been correct, incorrect, then correct again based on confirmations, reconfirmations, retractions, and requests to “wait for an official word.” We’ve reported it each time there has been a change in the responses from Blizzard CM’s. The community has been told that each region will launch based on local time, and we’ve also been told launches will beholden to Blizzard time, PDT. So which is it?

    More information is “coming soon,” but it seems that regions will have a basic local time that will umbrella over multiple areas – a la Bashiok’s recent tweet that states the following:

    @SofaLion No, each region will have its own launch time. We’ll be announcing them soon.

    What’s even more of a head-scratcher, though, is a follow-up tweet. Apparently SEA, along with ANZ and LA, will be considered under NA time? I guess we’re all “The Americas!”

    @SofaLion You will be playing with NA in Diablo III. The SEA/ANZ/LA/NA region is ‘The Americas’. We’ll all be playing together

    The back-and-forth nature of the current information along with questionable replies makes it seem like there’s been some internal debate. It also seems to be a pattern that when there’s no definite answer, it’s probably best for them to keep quiet about it until there is an official word on the matter. But as of now, the REAL launch date schedule will be based on a semi-local basis that will be posted in the relatively near future.

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