Diablo III Release Date Confusion

So, reports have been correct, incorrect, then correct again based on confirmations, reconfirmations, retractions, and requests to “wait for an official word.” We’ve reported it each time there has been a change in the responses from Blizzard CM’s. The community has been told that each region will launch based on local time, and we’ve also been told launches will beholden to Blizzard time, PDT. So which is it?

More information is “coming soon,” but it seems that regions will have a basic local time that will umbrella over multiple areas – a la Bashiok’s recent tweet that states the following:

@SofaLion No, each region will have its own launch time. We’ll be announcing them soon.

What’s even more of a head-scratcher, though, is a follow-up tweet. Apparently SEA, along with ANZ and LA, will be considered under NA time? I guess we’re all “The Americas!”

@SofaLion You will be playing with NA in Diablo III. The SEA/ANZ/LA/NA region is ‘The Americas’. We’ll all be playing together

The back-and-forth nature of the current information along with questionable replies makes it seem like there’s been some internal debate. It also seems to be a pattern that when there’s no definite answer, it’s probably best for them to keep quiet about it until there is an official word on the matter. But as of now, the REAL launch date schedule will be based on a semi-local basis that will be posted in the relatively near future.

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25 thoughts on “Diablo III Release Date Confusion

  1. Nothing confusing about this, 3 servers – America, Europe, Asia – 3 different launch times. SEA/ANZ/LA/NA region are all in America with 1 launch time. What confuses me is why they don’t make a global release? Shops can still make their parties and people log after 8 hours to play the game. And no one will get spoiled with tones of info that will come due to earlier launch in Asia. Looking forward to more info about this thing and the official statement from blizzard.

  2. So I guess as an American, I’m gonna go get my CE at midnight, install, and then start playing on the EU servers as soon as I can.  :mrgreen:

    • Mhh, u dont think, servers go online at midnight? You expected starts at 8-9am for everey region?
      I dont know, but a official announcement would be nice…only 20 days. The fridge must befilled, monday evening or thuesday morning..its importand!!! 🙂 lol

      • If they come on at midnight PDT (west coast), I’d have to wait until 2am since I’m two hours ahead in Central Time. 

        But…  it might not matter anyway. If this weekend’s open beta test was any indication, the servers are all gonna melt down due to massive traffic and we won’t be able to play for a couple days regardless. 

        • I really don’t think this is true, because the beta servers are only a few servers and very limited bandwidth as compared to the massive number of servers that will come online on launch. Sure there may still be hiccups in the system but I don’t think it will be on the scale of failure that the open beta saw this past weekend.

          • I’ll hope for the best
            (I’ve submitted a leave request to take two days off from work)
            but I’ll prepare for the worst
            (buy plenty of alcohol just in case)

      • If the game dosnt launch everywhere at the same time, it really messes up my chance of being the first player finnishing HC….

  3. I wonder how they’re going to manage SEA & ANZ given they’re getting on to nearly a day ahead of the servers that host them? Maybe Blizzard is going to let people on early who fall on that side of the timezone? Would help stagger the influx of players onto the American servers anyway. Asia & Europe is much more straight forward in that it’ll likely just come online midnight server local time.

  4. I hope not! Not only would it piss off everyone is the US, but I’ve already taken leave for Wednesday-Friday as midnight US time would be around 5pm Australian time on Tuesday. It’s a bit late for them to suddenly change what they’ve been saying, but I guess that’s their new motto 😉 Which isn’t always bad of course, had a blast with the open beta for example, but still. And my captcha is \i want control\, how appropriate 😛 

    EDIT: was meant as a reply to post above

    • It’s a tricky one isn’t it, with all those regions tied to the same server group. There’s going to end up being one group who are not happy with the start time, whatever Blizzard decide to do. Thankfully I’m based in Europe so it’s not so much of an issue for me!

      • Blizzard will make sea/anz wait until NA hit 12:01am 15th may.  This is obvious based off blizzards handling of sea/anz issues in the past(ignore them)

  5. BlizzTard better make it 00:01 GMT release or I’ll be claiming pre-order back on my credit card.
    Then buy the game boxed for £15 cheaper.
    Giving them more overheads = less profit.

    • Dude, the fact that some retailer figured he’ll sell the game at 00:00 doesn’t mean he knows something Blizzard themselves don’t yet know. It’s like before the release date was announced, a bunch of retail stores made up a release date (like March 27th, etc) just to sell the pre-orders. Retail stores don’t know anything more than you do, because Blizzard announces everything publicly.

  6. I agree with nobbie, same in France, opening event FNAC Champs Elysée Paris 00h01 May 15th
    But you should be happy NA people because you will can connect on EU server the May 14th 3pm…to crash our server with too much connection :pokerface

    Why make an evening at 00h if the servers are not open as expected the next day or even sell the boxes before

  7. Asia region will go live at 5/15 midnight Taipei time, fifteen hours ahead of NA region.  

    The Chinese only version of D3 can then be immediately installed.  Meanwhile, English language version of D3 cannot be installed until fifteen hours later.  I assume the Korean version will be the same.  Looks like this is one way to prevent the entire world from blowing up the Asia servers.

    This info was posted by Blizzard CM on Taiwan Battle.net on 4/5. 

  8. I think the most stressful is knowing if they do the America’s launch at 12 AM PST (Where Blizzard is located) then everyone on the east coast is going to be stuck playing 3 hours after our midnight!  I would be sad if I have to sit and wait until 3 AM, I might as well go to bed and wake up early the next day and just play all day after the initial hiccup at 3 AM.  

  9. I really don’t see why they don’t have a global release time. Do they think it’s especially convenient for the game to launch at midnight in any area?

    Perhaps this is being done because they figure fewer players will be playing at midnight in any particular region, and this will allow them to handle the server load a bit more easily at launch. That still seems odd to me, since they have to be aware that many players will perceive it as “unfair” that the game might be online in another region first.

  10. Thats sad really sad we’ll watch streams from asian guys crushing d3 bosses and wait. Wasn’t enough we waited so much years?

  11. Sorry but everybody can connect on US/EU/ASIA server the choice from any region !!!
    read your D3 bnet account… So, if you want connecting at 3pm 14th may on EU server, it s possible !

  12. For the European region, the game servers will go live at 00:01 CEST on May 15.
    Yeah but we already knew that.

  13. I’m not to fussed, to be honest I expect it to be laggy for the first 24 hours with everyone logging into one area. Regardless £33 well spent once I’ve capped 24 hours into the game. Get ordering now folks so I can see you all on the 15th =]

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