Diablo III Release Date Bingo

It’s not actually Bingo, but we could have filled out a few cards with the release dates listed by various online retailers.

  • WalMart says February 7, 2012.
  • UberGizmo cites Amazon France with a February 17th release date.

News is less happy in Germany, where Amazon.de had a Diablo 3 release date of March 31, 2012 listed… until yesterday, when they mailed everyone who has pre-ordered with a grim announcement. Here’s the loose translation Jal emailed us:

Yesterday, we informed you about Diablo III’s new release date being March 31st 2012. Now we have updated information from the developer, saying they won’t make this new projection either. Diablo III is now scheduled to release within the 2nd quarter of 2012, so we pushed the estimated release date back to June 30th 2012.

Sorry for the confusion, thanks for your understanding, we’ll mail to you about the updated release date again soon, will make sure you have it the day it becomes available, yadda yadda ….

I’d read as much into this date as all the previous DiabloWikirelease dates we’ve seen. But it is odd that Amazon.de would think they know something, with enough certainty to email their pre-order customers this far in advance of their listed date.

UPDATE: Some of you have pasted in the emails you received from Amazon.De in the comments below.

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  1. I kill myself cheers.


  3. Good God. A full four-year wait. What the fuck indeed.

  4. amazon is full of shit

  5. They did this to get more money/publicity and apparently its working

  6. guarantee we know release date at least one month in advance but i think mid jan release with mid dec anouncement of release date still!!

  7. If this has any truth to it, seriously I’m pissed at blizz

  8. i think if we get D3 on or before 3/31 than you owe a blizzard employee an open mouth kiss.  it aint gonna happen. and i would do some serious fear factor type stuff to get the game earlier.

    • I would do things waaaaaay nastier than that… Honestly…. I know this might sound pathetic…. But i would do some ugly stuff to get to play the game…. Gieb Beta-key F*S

  9. maybe they’re having a contest with Runic Games to see who can get their game out last

    • See, its brilliant marketing by Runic. Provided they can release TL2 close to, but before, D3.

      If TL2 releases a bit before D3, a lot of extremely fed-up people WILL actually buy TL2, and probably not D3 when it releases later. Because its cheaper, more familiar, and some will do it just to spite D3 now that they are taking so long and pissing off everyone.

      If TL2 releases after D3…well, they dont stand any chance. After having spent $60 on D3 noone would want to cough up $25 for TL2 also… 

      Oh Blizzard. When you showed us that WWI vid, we were so excited. So goddamn excited. Now we’re actually weighing TL2 v/s D3…pathetic.

      • “Now we’re actually weighing TL2 v/s D3…pathetic.”
        No, not we, it’s just you.

        • Actually, I’m with humungous.  I can only play the loyal fan boy charade for so long, and my patience ran out a year ago.  Honestly, after seeing the beta footage, are you really still that excited for D3?  Many of us can honestly say that we aren’t.

  10. This is a generic Amazon email.   Someone changed the date,  the emails automatically go out to anyone who pre ordered.

    We have received new release date information related to the order you placed on October 10, 2011 (Order# 102-4967881-3001809). The item(s) listed below will actually ship sooner than we originally expected based on the new release date:

    Deckard Cain, Blizzard Entertainment “Diablo III: Book of Cain”
    Previous estimated arrival date: December 16, 2011 – December 20, 2011
    New estimated arrival date: December 01, 2011 – December 05, 2011

  11. Wow. I mean they either know something or they just absolutely lied to all of their customers by saying that they received word from the developers.

    Tbh though, the AH is really buggy and I can’t see it getting fixed for a January release – not unless something drastic is resolved in the next few patches.

    But if it goes to Q2 then that must be the longest betas that Blizzard has had.

  12. As much as this is from amazon, june sounds about right.
    Anyone who thinks that blizzard can deliver the game in january is simply delusional, the AH itself is enough for one year delay, there is mechanics involved, everything must be pitch-perfect to be able to deal with real money and there is also the law issues that blizzard may face, now on Korea because it was the first country that know about the AH “gambling” issues and made a stand about it, but expect more countries to go with the controversy and further delays D3.
    I still believe the game is going to be out in Q1 2013, there is just too much crap to deal with. Q2 2012 might make it near the SC2 expansion, and blizzard wont release products too close to each other, we also dont know when Kung Fu Panda Online is comming but if D3 gets near it, you can expect it to be delayed in favor of the expansion.
    Overall, find something else to do, because D3 is still really far away.

    And the email does look a bit generic but I dont think that part of “we received word from the developers” is that common, either they lied about that or they spoke the truth about it. Unless Blizz can clarify us about it.

    I guess the retailers are pushing blizzard about it, they are getting lots of angry mails but certainly got the green sign to start selling D3 CE pre-orders, so just for once blizzard has to give a clear estimate about it so the retailers can tell their angry customers when its actually going to ship. I dont blame amazon for this, blizz shouldnt have allowed it to go pre-order when the game is probably still one year away.

    • That would make for an absurdly long beta.

      • Beta is the least of their problems, RMAH is a programming and legal nightmare. They can simply close the beta servers and say stay tunned for D3. And thats all, end of the story.
        They wont release the game until the RMAH mechanics and law-intrications are all perfect, even if beta gave then a perfect balancing method and the game is fully well-designed. They still have to test Bnet Infra-estructure, see how the Paypal servers are handling the transaction, look for security loophole that can make some hacker can exploit, etc… there is too much at stake because of the RMAH. And dont forget the overly populated launch servers, what if some crash end up exposing people’s paypal acc? We dont know. The game’s servers will be extremely crowded since this is a huge launch and so many people hyped and expected this game.
        I mean… hell, Starcraft 2 was delayed for a full year because of some bnet 2.0 issues, I would be surprised if D3 wasnt delayed by at least that ammount granted its now dealing with something far more serious and dangerous as an acc that will hold people’s money.

    • Lmao, you have no idea Blizzard’s current internal progression rate of the RMAH or their legal stands, so you’re completely 100% assuming they haven’t bothered to do anything yet ( Which is just plain stupid ofcourse they have)
      You’re also delusional on thinking AH requires another year of “fixing” the game will be ready Q1 2012, if you actually think Q1 2013 you’re a moron
      Although I’m pretty positive you’re trolling
      and to people who are actually taking this alleged “Amazon” email as if it’s coming out of Blizzard’s mouth you guys are just plain stupid and never learn

  13. This may be OT, but with Blizzard guaranteed* to release D3 on consoles, I wonder if they would now be looking at the possibility of a simultaneous PC/console release – meaning that the PC release date would be pushed back?

    • Nah, they can barely manage to release it on the PC, there is absolutely noway they would handle it as a console game until everything about the PC was done perfectly. Plus they would only be able to release it on the PS3 because the PSN is much more open than the restricted Xbox live. But PSN also suffered the hacker attack, can blizzard trust PSN to hold something as dangerous as the RMAH?

    • Just thought of something.  With the way the xbox works I don’t see them having the AH for that version of the game.

      • It will go ahead just needs to be Microsoft bucks -> Blizzard Bucks.

        • The problem with it being Microsoft points is that you can’t cash out of them.  MP also can be used to buy games so I don’t think they would let people play one game so that they could buy other games.

          Although that would be the greatest marketing strategy of all time for Blizzard.  “Buy Diablo 3 for your xbox and as you play the game make MP to buy other games.  Diablo 3 could be the last game you ever need to buy!”

          I just don’t see it happening.  So that makes me 100% sure there will be no RMAH for consoles.

  14. I think Diablo 3 will be the biggest vaporware in pc game history. It is not gonna be released.

  15. i think this a fake date june 30 2012 really what no way this is BS

    • Well… Amazon claims they have updated info from the developers and its not aiming for Q2 2012, unless blizzard states that amazon is lying, so far it seems the truth.
      And hate amazon all you guys want because of the placeholder release dates but I think conjuring “Now we have updated information from the developer,” is a bit too much even for amazon, I dont feel they are lying they just probably wanted info to when this crap is going to be released because angry customers at their door. And blizzard owns much more satisfaction to the retailers then to its fans, so there you go.
      Q2 2012, yay…

      • Bro, seriously, enough with you.

      • They haven’t got any info from Blizzard (at lest no more than anyone else), just that they are expecting to release the game in Q1 or 2 if delayed they changed the release date to 30 June. Why as end of Q1 is 30/4 and Q2 is 31/8 half way between is the 30/6 = new Amazon release date estimate.


        christ… shut up dude. srsly.

  16. If we don’t hear a release date by December its not coming out early 2012. If you look at Blizzards history……. After they announce release dates for their games, they come out 2-3 months later. The 3 WoW expansions came out about 2 months after they announced their release dates and SC2 was almost 3 months. Right now we know D3 is aimed for a early Q1 2012 release date, Jan-March. So you could assume if Diablo 3 is coming out in February we should hear a release date sometime in December. So a January release date would come this month. December would mean a February release. January would mean March and so forth….. I think Amazon is full of it and im still staying positive. I think its coming out February so lets hope Blizzard gives us all a great Christmas present and give us a D3 release date!!!!!!

  17. Remember that poll? I TOLD YOU (+a few other people). The game won’t come out before summer of 2012. It’s the earliest possible time of release.

  18. We may still buy the game, but they are losing sales with all the delays.  I used to tell everyone I knew I was getting this game and hype it up so people I know buy it online and in real life.  Now I don’t even talk about the game to anyone anymore and it is just my little secret.  Losing word of mouth and hype can definitely hurt sales.

    Didn’t Jay Wilson say the Real Money Auction House was added to the game not for profit, but to help the players.  Now I am calling him on it if so.  This RMAH is delaying the game for far too long and the delays and extra development time from it prove to me that it is for the extra revenue and the rest is just PR talk. Also yes Blizzard I feel will not release the game at least 8 weeks before announcing it.  Whenever Diablo 3 is announced then you probably have to wait at least 8 weeks before the game comes out.  This rules out a January release unless the release date gets announced in the next week.  Until they get the RMAH perfect since it involves real money then we probably won’t even get a release date.  This stupid RMAH has been delaying our game for far too long now.

    The RMAH turns our slot machine that was Diablo 2 into fake chips.  If you think about it, magic finding a boss like Mephisto over and over is like putting a coin into a slot machine and hoping to win big with chance.  The money spent is your time though.  Now with fake chips, time is no longer needed because you can simply buy the rewards that you want instead of having to play with them. You have to invest your time for a reward while others invest no time in relation to a true internal source and can then instantly get the reward they want.  A lot of pretending the RMAH doesn’t exist for legit slot machine players may be needed to maintain the fun of it.

    I use the word legit even though the game makers support this.  They do not seem to support it to benefit the game, but to make more money.  If they were really concerned about the most fun factor of the game and not money then they would find ways to prevent real money selling completely.

    Also LOL at Blizzard being worried about lost WoW subscribers.  They shouldn’t have released such a garbage Pandaria expansion with nothing epic about it.  It feels like just a side zone with pandas added.  Diablo 3 will probably take away more subscribers because would someone who has decent intelligence rather play Pandaria or Diablo 3? Exactly!

    • “If they were really concerned about the most fun factor of the game and not money then they would find ways to prevent real money selling completely.”
      Right after they give us unlimited energy and solve world hunger…

      • Well, it could be done.  You might not like the results.  For example, they could assign items a rarity level, and the game could only permit trades between players when the rarity level was similar.  That would mean to get a mega item you would need a different mega item rather than needing $50.00.  You might not like it, though, since it would not allow you to give items to a friend to fast-forward their character (twinking).
        I highly doubt a real money auction house, in which Blizzard gets a cut, is the only possible solution.  I also doubt that it will eliminate real money trading at other web sites.  There will probably be situations where people find it easier/more profitable/more possible elsewhere.  Especially if dealing with hacked/duped items.

  19. RMAH is obviously for their profits, and their profits only. If they had slapped a small minor monthly fee, like 5 dollars/month, they would probably get more money and it would be far easier to implement than this Ebay-of-virtual-items that they are trying to conjure.
    The thing is, with WoW they have no reason to rush Diablo 3, infact they have more reasons to delay it since they are scared of the damage that D3 can cause, and the worst of all, they have no competition… there isnt anything on the market to threat Diablo 3, there isnt a single ARPG in development that is worth mentioning, aside from TL2 which looks okay but it just expands its scope while retaining ancient mechanics present in D2, so highly focused on pleasing who isnt pleased with the D3’s game design direction that forgets about actually fixing the genre’s shortcommings (the big offender being potionfest, which is all back in TL2).
    RMAH is the reason why D3 exists, its an experiment that blizzards needs to test to see if they can do the same thing on WoW and Titan, it can the future of how MMO-subscriptions will be payed and how more addicting it can get since you can win money with this. Without the possibility of testing the RMAH, Blizzard would never have any reason to develop Diablo 3.

    • WoW is already dying without D3 coming out………

      • Unfortunately, not really. There is still 10 million players, Its a huge number, and more might return once they realise how The Old Republic sucks. D3 on the other hand an well… lets not forget that almost all of the WoW players know Diablo and know its influence on their game so D3 will attract them, this what can give them some trouble, ironically.
        They even made that one-year-subscription and you get D3 for free. You didnt get a similar deal with SC2, why? Simple because there is any overlap between the SC players and the WoW players but the same is not true with the Diablo and WoW players. Yet people dont get it and say that blizz isnt scared of Diablo 3 and the harm to WoW subs, go figure.

        • Ops typo *Simply because there isnt any overlap between the Sc players…*
          I cant edit post after some time? That sucks I always miss my typos at this hour 🙁

    • First you say “RMAH is obviously for their profits, and their profits only”.  Then you say “If they had slapped a small minor monthly fee, like 5 dollars/month, they would probably get more money…”.  If Blizzard were the money hungry company you seem to think they are, would they not have just added the montly fee instead, if that’s what would make them more money? 

      As far as the rest of your post…you can take off your tinfoil hat now.

      • You would think so; but then again perhaps blizzard thinks quite highly for their game and their AH and the extent of what people will do when trading so they see bigger $ signs with the rmah then with a subscription and perhaps – their marketing wizards suggest that the average job is put off by subscriptions …
        we have seen how they have geared their game more to the average joe then the power gamer type …

        ya Im getting a bit pertrubed also by all the promises and setbacks – I think the TL2 promise then suddenly take back was the last straw.

        Im looking forward to TL2; but to be honest only for as long as D3 isnt out (but then again havnt played either so who knows).

  20. Well, of course the german amazon doesnt say, hey february the 7nd. If it is first quarter 2011, they will tell you March. If it might not be 1st quarter, then germans go and say, well then 2nd quarter is june. We would never tell you earlier dates if don’t know them. 
    I am sure, the game will not be out very close. come on, they make so many changes and we see stuff after stuff.
    Achievemenets? Dont you think this should be done since ages?

    I mean, game graphics might be done, engine and the lvls and programming an stuff. But I bet there is so much work still to do … I dont think we will see it before feb. And this means in bliizard terms, not before at least 2-3 months after that. How sad. 

    As for the console, never. They are hiring and searching for console developers. How stupid can you be to think they will release a console version 2012?

  21. hmm it’s so f…ing funny. Actually I can’t wait for a response from Bashiok right now!

    • Me too, but I am working on a vessel offshore and I have no access to my cd-key and I need it to log on the official forums, I dont go into that place, horrible things happen in that despicable lair but this is worth mentioning just to see if we can get a blue response.
      And saying that Amazon is wrong is saying that a major retailer is blatantly lying since it says “we have info from the developers”. If Blizz stay silent then its settled that Amazon was telling the truth.

      • #1.  Blizzard not commenting doesn’t automatically mean Amazon was right.  Sometimes staying silent is better than actually saying something.   

        #2.  You’ve NEVER heard of a retailer blatantly lying about something?  Most likely they just said they have info from the developers so that people will THINK they aren’t pulling numbers out of their asses…which is exactly what they’re doing.

  22. on diablo-3.net a guy pasted the mail he got from amazon.
    among others: “Gestern erhielten Sie von Amazon.de eine automatische E-Mail, dass ‘Diablo III’ voraussichtlich am 31. März 2012 erscheinen wird.
    Nun haben wir vom Hersteller erfahren, dass dieser angekündigte Erscheinungstermin leider nicht eingehalten werden kann.”
    it says literally that “yesterday” theiy sent out emails saying that D3’s estimated release date will be march 31st but now the producer (of D3) let them know, that they wont be able to meet this release date deadline.
    so accroding to this blizz said it will be later than 31st march. and i dont think amazon is just making up that they recieved that kind of official information. so i guess its official?

    (unless this guy who pasted the email into the german forum was trolling)

  23. Guys, relax. Until Blizzard says the game launch is delayed (again) then it’s still on schedule. I don’t trust any other source giving release dates except the game’s developer. For now, Blizzard said “early 2012” – let’s stick to this until changed.

  24. Both Saturday release dates? I think not… they’r full of shit as all companies who post “release dates” before they were ever announced, expecialy when it comes to Blizz games ^^

  25. I mean, c’mon! This is exactly what Amazon wants, more buzz about it. Here we have to do a calculation of four numbers which all four are unknown.
    Troll -> Amazon, troll -> all the other sites that have profit from this!

  26. I don’t believe any of these “projected release dates”. Period.

    Until I hear anything official from Blizz, I am waiting calmly.

  27. Well I don’t trust sellers release dates neither, but I have followed the development of the three Diablo games closely enough that when I see a new delay i realize it’s probably true. The odds are there you know. Flux should make a partership with a betting company over this, could make some money 8)

  28. To clarify: Amazon do not have some super secret insider knowledge of Diablo III’s release date – I doubt even Blizzard know when exactly the game will be released at this point, though they are probably aiming at a certain time window. When Amazon (or any other retailers) put up a release date like 03-31-2012 or 06-30-2012 this does, of course, not mean the game will release on any of those exact days. Those dates are chosen by the retailers because they are the last days of the first and second quarters of 2012, based on Blizzard’s suggestion the game might release during the first or second quarter. There is no detailed info available so they put up the latest possible day – in case the game releases earlier, great, nobody will complain.

    The actual news is that Amazon got info from the producer/developer/publisher that Diablo III will most likely not release between now and 03-31-2012. Blizzard don’t mess with international retailers of this size who order millions of copies. And when Amazon have to work with …erm… not-100%-truthful/confirmed information, they would probably communicate the game releases rather sooner than later. *I imagine* the Amazon guys contacted Blizzard about when to expect the shipment for which they have so many preorders and Blizzard gave their updated “between early 2012 and the end of time”-reply *or* didn’t explicitly confirm a Q1 release either, resulting in Amazon putting up a Q2 estimate.

    Even Q2 could, of course, mean early April 2012. Who knows, maybe the confusion caused by this news is big enough for some Blue clarification/PR soothing next week before major online & print media go berzerk. 😉

  29. Actually, the way I read the German text, they’re basically saying “Blizzard can’t guarantee a March 31st release date.” Which makes sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from Blizzard saw the release date and e-mailed amazon.de with something like:

    “We haven’t announced any official release date yet. All we’ve said is we’re planning for early 2012, but that doesn’t mean it will come out March at the latest. We’ll announce a release date when we’re sure it will be done at that time.”

    Which basically tells us nothing about the release date, but would explain the message from amazon.

  30. German Amazon is full of shit. I don’t know if someone remember but “Diablo 2012 wallcalendar” which will be released on Monday, November 28, earlier had the same release date as Diablo 3 right now – 30 june 2012.

  31. I didn’t like the Amazon character already in DII..

  32. – Diablo 3 will be released on January 17th, 2012. Why? Because the free 30 days trial period of SWTOR expires exactly mid January.
    – Diablo 3’s release date will be announced in 2 weeks on Dec 10, 2011 during the Spike Video Game Awards. Why? Because a.) SWTOR launches 5 days later, b.) competitor BioWare also reveals their new strategy game during the show, and c.) Blizzard did the same with the announcement of WoW “The Burning Crusade” which, by the way, has once been pushed back from a late 2006 release to mid January 2007 as well – same situation as with Diablo 3.
    – Amazon knows NOTHING. It’s all just placeholders.

  33. Also:
    -Selling of Diablo 3 merchandise has begun: Tyrael hoodie, SteelSeries mouse, pad, headset etc. The “Book of Cain” will be released on Dec 13, 2011 – 3 days after the release date has been announced during the VGA.
    – I expect a big, final Diablo 3 stress test with a lot of additional beta invites starting mid December, when SWTOR launches.

  34. nope, not buying it. These are the same guys who said that D3 will be relased in Winter of 2009, then Summer 2010, then November something 2011, and now this. No, not untill some official Blizzard employee states that the game has been pushed into q2 of 2012, I am not buying this “news”.

  35. Amazon knows everything !!

  36. My God, this just makes me think of the attention whore assclown on the official forums that mindless fools praise like he’s Jesus. (Why not start with some good ol’ ad hominem?)
    In fact, I’ve just started a thread about this here: http://diablo.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?p=8111714#post8111714

  37. My D3 hype has steadily been going down for awhile now. I’m going to put my D3 hype in hibernation until I know a releasedate, I don’t enjoy being hyped for a game very long, it’s annoying not knowing a releasedate :/

  38. Been waiting for since official announcement (June 2008) pretty much every day on the official forums since then… and i get no feeling that the game is coming out anytime soon.  I was disappointed it wasn’t out 1 year ago.
    Still don’t understand why blizzard officially announced the game SO DAMN FAR FROM RELEASE. Hope they never do that again.

    • I’m with you there. In retrospective, it feels like when Blizzard announced Diablo III, the cinematic scene and that one indoor/outdoor in-game level were pretty much all they had at that point beyond some artwork and a few gameplay ideas maybe. “Ok guys, so let’s do a Diablo sequel then. We have six months to announce our plans, come up with some concepts, present some footage and start talking about Soon.” 😉

      When you are used to how game announcements are handled by other developers and maybe in times past (present an 80% finished product to the public and then release within a year), Blizzard’s way of showing something of the game as soon they got actually something to show and release 3-5 years later can be quite confusing. It does seem to work well for them though. They have years to build up hype, the long production time remaining from the announcement onwards suggests that the game got extra content/polishing/quality, they get feedback on their plans’ general reception early and can start correcting early as well (art controversy). The danger lies in other games “being inspired” by their concepts and releasing earlier and some angry fans who will buy the finished product anyway though.

      We might even be only 3-5 years away from project Titan being released. Thinking about it, I’m actually fascinated by the silence surrounding this product …

      • The sad part is, they have been working on the current version of D3 since 2005. What a ludicrous amount of time to spend developing an ARPG. If this isn’t the greatest game I’ve ever played, I’m punching someone in the neck. Hard.

    • I actually think we have Bilzzcon and WWI to thank for this.  Game news and 15 minute play demos are important things for your conference attendees to be able to do.  It gives them something to talk about and reasons for people to come to the show.  If not for these, perhaps they wait a longer time before beginning the marketing.   Just a thought.

  39. I’ve always kinda ragged on D3 but I’m sure it’s gonna be a great game. I just hope my grandchildren can play it someday.

  40. Look, it seems Blizzard has finally settled on a runestone system:
    – Identified runes: rank 1-3 drop in Normal, NM, Hell
    – Identified runes: rank 4-7 drop in Inferno only
    – Unattuned runes: rank 1-7 through Crafting only, created by the Mystic from salvaged runes

  41. Isn’t it easier if Blizz gives a date so people stop all this stupid speculation? Seriously…

  42. Oh, sorry Blizzard.  Didn’t hear you delaying your little game over the sound of me playing Skrim, Operation Raccoon City, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Dragon’s Dogma, Mass Effect 3, et cetera, et ceteraaaaaaaaaaaa…

    All games that are possibly better than D3, and took only a fraction of the time to develop.  Get over yourselves, Blizz.  The rest of us have.

  43. This is getting quite old really fast Blizzard.

    Atleast tell us why its being pushed back if you aren’t thinking jan/feb any more. I heard a rumor of before easter maybe. :/

  44. Its not being pushed back. Stop freaking out over a date made up by Amazon.

  45. (I’ve posted this comment without registration before, but since it’s still awaiting moderation i registered here to post it again. You can delete the awaiting moderation comment (23648))
    Greetings from Germany, there were 3 Mails from Amazon.

    Mail 1 (23.11.2011) obviously automatically generated:
    Subject: Your Order at Amazon.de (***-*******-*******)

    “We have good news for you. An article preordered by you can now be delivered at release date. Therefore we changed your order without further costs to “Delivery at shipping-day”. Here the new ETA:
    “Dialbo III”
    ETA 31 March 2012
    (please don’t answer this mail …)
    Greetings, customer service …
    Hot to change / cancel order …”
    Mail 2 (24.11.2011):
    CC: [email protected] (why such a CC here ?!? )
    Subject: A message from Amazon.de about your Order
    “Amazon.de has an important Message about your Amazon.de-Order: ***-*******-*******
    Your Order has the title
    Diablo III
    [until here seems to be auto generated as well]
    Yesterday you received an automated Email from Amazon.de, saying that ‘Diablo III’ will be released expected 31. March 2012.
    Now we heard from the Producer: unfortunately this announced release date can’t be met. ‘Diablo III’ will be released expected in the 2nd Quarter of the Year 2012, therefore on the detail [web-]site the date 30.06.2012 is stated as ETA.
    We’re sorry for confusion …  You’ll get another Mail with updated ETA soon.
    Please note that the ETA can change multiple times …

    The 3rd Mail (25.11.2011) was auto generated again, saying that the ETA has changed from 11.06.2011 to 30.06.2011.

    The 2nd Mail was not a standard mail, it had a CC and the different [E-Mail]from text.
    Here the original mails, just oder number replaced by *

  46. Mail 3, 25.11.2011 (09:26)
    Guten Tag,
    wir bedauern, dass wir eine Verzögerung bei Ihrer Amazon.de-Bestellung ankuendigen müssen.
    Wir bitten um Ihr Verstaendnis: Leider hat sich das Erscheinungsdatum fuer den oder die unten aufgefuehrten Artikel aus Ihrer Bestellung # ***-*******-******* vom 11 Juni 2011 geaendert und damit auch das voraussichtliche Lieferdatum:
    “Diablo III”
    Voraussichtliches Lieferdatum: 30 Juni 2012
    Bitte besuchen Sie die obigen Detailseiten, um diese Artikel eventuell bei anderen Anbietern zu finden.

    Gleichzeitig weisen wir darauf hin, dass sich der Bestellstatus eines Artikels
    sehr schnell aendern kann. Es ist daher nicht auszuschliessen, dass Sie bereits vor dieser E-Mail eine Versandbestaetigung erhalten haben. In diesem Fall ist Ihr Artikel schon auf dem Weg zu Ihnen und diese Nachricht ueber die Verzoegerung gegenstandslos.

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  47. Just forget the Amazon.de mail.

  48. hopefully d3 comes out before d4…

  49. I just hope D3 is released before someone figures out how babby is formed.

  50. feb 7th. i hope it does release then. That would be a great birthday event for me. f the cake give me a copy of that.

  51. I have simply quit caring about this game as evidently Blizzard no longer cares about this game and simply wants to focus on their MMO line. If they did this game would be out by now. I am starting to agree with others that this game will simply not get released due to how late it already is in development. They obviously no longer care about this part of their franchise. I will continue playing the current RPGs that are already out now and if this game ever does see the light of day then perhaps I’ll start giving 2 flips about this game again. The wait has been so long I simply have given up on it.

    • I think the game is way too far along, and Blizzard is too financially stable of a company, to just abandon this project.  It will get released – it is just a matter of when.
      I am a software engineer by trade, and there are several things that nearly always cause big delays.  Personnel turnover (check, Blizzard North -> Blizzard South), brand new ideas/designs (RMAH), feature creep/churn (endless iteration on resources, runes), and lack of hard dates (we’ll release it when we release it).

  52. I don’t think Blizzard ever said 1Q2012 – they said “early 2012.”  Knowing Blizzard, I interpreted this to mean “May 31”, since that is about the last possible day that could be considered even remotely ‘early.’  I voted for that date weeks ago and am sticking to it.  So there has not really been a postponement by Blizzard here.  They gave a fuzzy date and people eager for the game hoped it meant Jan/Feb.
    Re: RMAH and its affect on the release date, I have to agree with those speculating this is delaying things.  That is a complex task, and unless I missed it in SC2/WoW the first time Blizzard has tried to do it.  Lots of anti-hacking logic/testing, scenarios where one side or the other loses network communication, legal stuff, yadda yadda yadda.
    I’d be curious to know when RMAH got into plan and who inserted it?  e.g. did the developers plan on this and start years ago, or did the accountants tell them it was a great idea 6 months ago?
    I imagine Blizzard does not want to do the obvious thing and release w/o RMAH because then everyone will be back to using the old, disreputable sites for D3.
    If RMAH is delaying the launch, it is quite galling.  I never plan to use it and am already unhappy with the ‘must always be online’ requirement.

    Blizzard has (IMO) been treating single player folks like second class citizens for a long time now. Online-only rune words, always stating that ‘you must be online to truly experience the game’, … Maybe some of us have tried online and just don’t like it. Don’t like the lag. Don’t like the clueless kiddies, PKers, and elitist/rude ‘pros.’

  53. This is just speculation and tomfoolery.  How can your BS meters be so broken?

  54. They don’t know anything more than anyone else, people need to stop freaking out about this… blizzard would not have revealed the CE contents back in october if they were planning on releasing it over 6 months from now…

  55. the game has been ready long ago, what is holding them back is probably only the RMAH… which is a shame.

  56. \and more might return once they realise how The Old Republic sucks\ maybe according to you. I’ve played 2 beta weekends now and I think the game is fantastic. great story and the pvp is awesome! The only thing that would crash this game is terrible end game, but that remains to be seen. I dont even care if D3 is delayed to June now. Ill be playing TOR. Fyi,  SW has a much larger fan club than Blizzard.

  57. If this is true…it’s hands down pathetic coming from Blizzard “Soon was to soon” again?

    One thing makes me think it’s true…. there has been no reaction or explanation from Blizzard…even if coming from a major company as Amazon. When major companies make mistakes (in this case state that they got this information from Blizzard itsef), and it’s incorrect…u either get a “sry” mail..or u get Blizzard to explain what happened.

    Nothing happened so far..so from my point of view..Amazon a major trade company…has dragged Blizzard’s name into a topic stating that THEY (Blizzard) are the ones that messaged them…and gave them the new “ETA”.. and Blizzard has yet to deny this..only means they indirectly say it’s true.

  58. In addition, a dutch site (bol.com) says it will be available at march 30th…..

  59. Just gotta correct your math there bud. End of Q1 is 31/3 (12/4 quarters = 3) and end of Q2 is at the end of June.

  60. I have an idea!! lets all not buy it when it comes out. Lets just put of buying it like they have put off releasing it 🙂 ..   I’ve been waiting 10 years anyways so whats another year. If no one buys it it’ll make the price drop fast. It’ll be 19.99 6 months after release verses 59.99 on the date ..when ever that will be. It will be really funny if they make the date 12-21-12 since the mayans prediction of the end of the world. Some ppl would totally freak.. I’ll just be laughing.. BTW if you are planning to invest in stocks the week before that date is the best time .. Many ppl are going to cash out that week.. Like it would matter if it really was the end. 122112<— trippy # if you look in to it but i dont believe its ..the end..

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  62. picked up a copy of pc gamer yesterday and it says march release date

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