Diablo III Recent Hotfix List

Blizzard has just released a massive hotfix list. Warning: there is a lot, and there are also spoilers. So read with caution if you still care.

Below you’ll find a list of hotfixes which address various gameplay and service issues affecting Diablo III. Hotfixes are updates we make on our end without requiring you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented, while others may require your realm to be restarted to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch update. We will continue to update this thread in the days ahead as additional hotfixes are applied.

Spoiler Warning: If you have not yet completed Diablo III on Normal, some hotfixes described in this list may include spoilers.

// May 22 //

  • Players will now receive an error message when attempting to remove a gem from an item with no sockets (rather than disconnecting)
  • Players will now properly have their casting interrupted when attacked while performing resurrect on a fallen group member
  • Resolved over 30 game and service crashes affecting players


DiabloWikiDemon Hunter

Active Skills

  •  Duration reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second (tooltip will still show 2 seconds)
  • Skill Rune – Lingering Fog (Database)
  • Now increases the duration of Smoke Screen to 1.5 seconds (tooltip will still show 3 seconds)


Active Skills

  • Skill Rune – Quickening (Database)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing spirit regeneration to incorrectly trigger off critical hits from other sources, such as Sweeping Wind
  • Mantra of Healing will now correctly provide only two times the base healing effect for the first 3 seconds after activation, down from four times the base healing effect (tooltip will still show the old value)
    Skill Rune – Boon of Protection
  • A maximum absorption amount has been set to 1000 Life. This skill will be redesigned in an upcoming patch.


Active Skills

  • Skill Rune – Cascade (Database)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Arcane Torrent to fire 3 new missiles per kill instead of only 1 new missile per kill
    Number of new missiles generated from this rune will now cap at 10 missiles
  • Skill Rune – Force Armor (Database)
  • Amount of damage absorbed from a single attack will now cap at 100% of a player’s maximum Life


  • The rare chest in the Town Cellar in Alcanus will now only spawn 50% of the time, down from 100%
  • Players can no longer dual-wield two-handed weapons

// May 18 //


Active Skills

  • Skill Rune – Tranquility (Database)
  • Duration of immunity granted to nearby allies from crowd control effects reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second


  • Players will no longer remain invulnerable to attacks after defeating Diablo.
  • Players can no longer become stuck during Diablo’s Shadow Grab ability if a player blinds Diablo while Shadow Grab is being cast.


  • Equipping a shield on a follower as a demon hunter will no longer disconnect you from the game.


Act I

  • Players can now always interact with Karyna during the quest and quest step “Trailing the Coven : Talk to Karyna” when they resume from a save.

Act II

  • The DiabloWikiEnchantress will now always appear during the quest and quest step “Shadows in the Desert : Disrupt the Hidden Conclave.”

Act IV

  • DiabloWikiTyrael will now always be present for the in-game cutscene during the quest and quest step “Prime Evil : Climb to the Pinnacle of Heaven in the Silver Spire.”
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    47 thoughts on “Diablo III Recent Hotfix List

    1. Smoke Screen
      Duration reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second (tooltip will still show 2 seconds)

      Skill Rune – Lingering Fog
      Now increases the duration of Smoke Screen to 1.5 seconds (tooltip will still show 3 seconds)
      Is this some kind of joke? No time to correct the tooltips?

      • Sounds like patches will fall into one of three categories:
        * Server-side patches that do not require a server restart
        * Server-side patches that do require a server restart
        * Client-side patches
        I’m assuming the tool tips are implemented in the client and will have to wait for a client-side patch.  I would guess those will be less frequent since they will require millions of players to download them.

    2. Changing tool tips requires a client side patch,  which means they’d have to take the servers down and interrupt service.  This should be obvious.

      • -1, i accidentally recommended you instead of hitting reply.  Indeed this is a nerf, but I think it was appropriate.

        My main char is a DH right now, and I must say, I was using smoke screen and I am now using lingering fog – those were basically GOD MODE.  Especially if you can caltrop, hit SS/LF, then bolo and RF until dead.

        3 seconds was just WAY too long considering the damage that a DH can pump out.  1.5 seems appropriate, where after 1.5 seconds the DH resumes defense instead of continuing the onslaught.

        • I play the Demon Hunter and I agree with the nerf.

          The fights were great but the 3 seconds for the fog was too OP. I still had a challenging fight against normal Diablo, but with the new nerf I think it will be awesome in Nightmare.

          Btw I don’t care about others: I follow my own game playing and I am having a blast. 

          • I also agree, I knew SS was too good to be true.  It’s basically invulnerability. You can’t be walled, jailed, etc. and you also miss environmental effects/traps it seems as well.

      • Let slip the nerfs of war!
        This is awesome, no sarcasm. And I was exploiting the hell out of sweeping wind and quickening.

        Though perhaps the tooltips should say “criticals from/for this skill”

    3. Actually.. the fixes look okay so far. I mean, stuff will take longer to kite and kill.. but..

    4. So monks (as well as barbs) already have a near impossible time getting through inferno, and now they make huge nerfs to the monk’s only abilities allowing them to stand a chance whatsoever. I’m really worried about where they’re going with this game so far.

        • Why exactly are you supposed to be able to easily clear Inferno a week after release?

      • Uh they are nerfing the AOE use of one Serenity rune in order to prevent 4-monk exploitation of total immunity, and they are taking one Mantra of Healing rune offline until they can fix it. I’m doing fine in A1 inferno on my monk, these changes don’t affect me at all, and I have mostly crap gear. Nothing to worry about I don’t think.

      • The barb and monk are correctly balanced. The other classes are overpowered. More nerfs are probably incoming. They should add more doors that take time to open, like before the skeleton king, so rushing is more dangerous. Like before Azmodan.

    5. Well it was exploiting, people was meant to take their time to farm up good gear, instead of relying on invulnerability to carry them through highend content they dont have the gear for.    Guild Wars 1 have a similar problem with assassin shadow form being just too obscenely powerful with its invulnerability, even after rounds of rounds of repeated nerfing

        • The gear required for act 1 inferno is farmable in act 4 hell. The gear required for act 2 inferno is farmable in act 1 inferno. Repeat for the further acts. It is supposed to take time to find near-perfect gear. Lots and lots of time, like weeks of continuous playing. Or spend gold on GAH. Then you have to do it again, and again. It is absolutely supposed to be very hard and time consuming.

    6. OT but can you guys kill those annoying Lysol ads?? I dont mind video that auto-plays, when the audio is on by default too that just drives me nuts ><

      • According to Blizzard there is no security problem and the thousands of people getting their accounts hijacked by Chinese gold sellers are at fault for not using an authenticator.
        It’s complete [email protected]#$.

        • 1) Have a strong password. “12345” doesn’t cut it.
          2) Don’t tell people aforementioned password.
          3) Don’t download random crap with keyloggers in it.
          4) Get an authenticator. The mobile version is free.
          4.5) If you don’t have a smartphone… 21st century, dude.

          • I have a smartphone… but I’m getting the dumb region error when trying to add the authenticator app to my phone… it’s a Windows Phone using the Zune software.  I’m in America and my region should be supported, but according to what I read it’s a known issue affecting many users…  *sigh*  No authenticator for me, but not because I don’t want to.

          • Patronizing much? I have all my bases covered, and haven’t lost anything, but my Dad has and he pretty much visits maybe 3 websites (mostly ESPN forums…I’m sure the gold farmers have keyloggers embedded all over ESPN 🙄 ) and plays D3 solo or with me and my fiance in co-op. He lost everything despite never having stepped into public games. He’s 58 and (rightly) believes that it’s ridiculous to have to pay for an authenticator since he doesn’t want and will most likely never have, a smartphone.
            I built his PC and have scanned it with anti-spy/malware programs- he is 100% clean and isn’t a moron when it comes to phishing attempts and shady links. Try harder.

    7. No matter what u do there will be people complaining. U cannot satisfy everyone !  Before they said difficulties are too easy, now it suddenly becomes too hard once they fix the exploit. I think changes are appropriate. And don’t forget there will be more changes.  🙂

    8. Amount of damage absorbed from a single attack will now cap at 100% of a player’s maximum Life.

      If i get it right, it means that, as long as creeps don’t deal more than 135% of your hp, you will suffer 35% of your hp as intended right ? so for players with 5k hp, only monsters dealing more than 6750 dmg will be a problem (meaning all) so the old build is broken but i guess you could calculate an ideal amount of hp to make it more or less work ? (though throwing away hp regen but putting on more vit for the “cap” and crit to keep the armor up)

      • I think the amount “absorbed” is the amount of damage that you do not take. For example, if you have 1000 hp, and you get hit with 2000 damage, it gets reduced to 350 dmg. That means 1650 dmg was “absorbed”. However, that amount is now capped at how much life you have, so only 1000 of that damage will really get absorbed, and the other 650 will go through, for a total of 350+650 damage = 1000.
        So hits that do double your life (200%) will one shot you.  Hits under 135% of your life wil get reduced to 35%. hits between 135 to 200% will just do a lot of damage.

        In short, I am thinking the same thing.

    9. “Smoke Screen
      Duration reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second (tooltip will still show 2 seconds)
      Skill Rune – Lingering Fog
      Now increases the duration of Smoke Screen to 1.5 seconds (tooltip will still show 3 seconds)”
      Well, this sucks. Guess this means I can’t res people as often as I used to.

    10. Well thank you Blizzard for posting this hotfix update list AFTER you actually updated it ingame, i just went and died with my lvl 55 hardcore Demonhunter cause i thought i could do 2 smokescreens in a row vs jailer frozen pack but hello there was a added cooldown to it….what a FU¤#¤ing suprise, then after im dead like 4hours later you put the patch notes up…whay to f¤#¤3ing go

      • I’m not sure if I lost my 56 DH to this change or not.  I know I was in a situation that I thought I could get out of, and it turns out I couldn’t; the ambiguity of when the change went live makes it difficult for me to know.  Regardless, this is an absolutely fucking ridiculous way to handle nerfs.  It needs to be fixed, yesterday.

    11. Mantra of Healing didn’t need a nerf… You could stay alive long using it but to do so your DPS was about 3k in Inferno. There was a good trade off. I hope the redesign isn’t terrible.

    12. You guys realize monks and barbarians are completely balanced right? Monks have it so easy that it’s not even funny. For me, having about 280ish resistances (with the passive that gives all resistances the value of the highest res) gives about 47.7% damage reduction from ALL mobs, on top of my armor which reduces damage by like 55%. When I realized resists are the key to doing inferno, I was able to breeze through A1 with the occasional death.

      • Sigh. Monks and Barbs DONT have it easy. The scale up from A1 Inferno to A2 is massive. Monks and Barbs don’t have the option of kiting; they HAVE to get hit a crapton to even do damage. Wizards/DH/WD can just kite and slow things all day long. I know because I’m playing a Wizard.

    13. Why do I get the feeling that these ‘multiplayer’ hotfixes are being doing in total ignorance to how it will effect the single player game.

      • Uhm did you actually played the game?? Smoke Screen and Force Armor are certainly skills that is best exploited by playing solo.

    14. nerfing ss will make progression much slower.
      i do think (act 2 Inf) that DHs are a little off, skill-wise.
      Most skills are pretty useless compared to Tentacles and Arrow.
      Then you need a skill that is no more than an extra item slot saying : adds 3 hate per second.
      and SS.
      SS does nothing really, it just shows how bad dh is designed.
      I cant see anyone with regular/ok gear getting through act 2 without SS.
      That basically leaves the dh with 1free skill (given that plan b is used):

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