Diablo III Rated 16+ in Germany

The guys at InDiablo.de sent word that Diablo III’s received an official rating in Germany, and it’s 16+. Here’s a translation of the official verdict.

System: PC
Genre: RPG / action-oriented
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment SAS
Age: 16 years according to § 14 JuSchG (youth protection act)
Date of Rating: 31.08.2011
USK Nr.: 31570/11
Language: German

We’ve frequently heard that games have to make cuts or edits (removal of red blood, primarily) to get an acceptable rating in Germany. Apparently that was not a problem for Diablo III though, and as far as we know, this is the full official worldwide version, without any special edits or cuts. Some more details on game censorship in Germany, thanks to Horst of Indiablo.de.

There should be no content edits, at least there are no hints yet. The versions for the Gamescom demos were rated 16+ and they were no differences between those and the Diablo 3 Beta.

When it comes to blood removal, this is usually the case for games where you fight humans or human-like enemies in a real world setting, mostly 1st person shooters or real time strategy. The german wikipedia has a list of games that mustn’t be sold or advertised publicly in Germany.

Some of these games were released with more or less heavy changes, e.g. Half-Life had all humans replaced with cyborgs, Resident Evil 2 or 3 had gray blood and less splatter effects. You can import these games though. Some games are confiscated in Germany, mostly because of NS-Symbols. Usually they get released in a different version without any swastikas or other symbols. Some games are confiscated due to to much violence though.

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10 thoughts on “Diablo III Rated 16+ in Germany

  1. nice to here that. I hate it when they censor games, just to pass this useless youth protection. I (and i assume almost every gamer) likes to play the games like they where intended by the developers.

  2. not suprising – as long as the setting is clearly fantasy : its seldom higher than 16. they have a odd way going about it. unlike shooter like modern warfare which clearly depicts reality. ( eg shooting civilians in that airport mission got cut )

    i guess they think that shooting people in real life is more likely than slaying them with a axe or a magic missile :p. even though both can look equally cruel in a video game.

  3. I guess the zombies and humanoid demons are not humanoid enough to need to be censored…

      • There was blood in the arena at Blizzcon, IIRC. There were certainly blasted flopping corpses. But I guess they’re all fantasy type corpses,so they don’t count. It’s like killing furries; not actually a homicide.

  4. If they were to edit Diablo’s content it would really hard work. It’s a dark, violent, slaying creature like game and that’s one of the reasons fans love it. Changing things like a littlle less blood… does that make a difference? Really?

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