Remember the color controversy? Its most enduring legacy, besides possibly spawning the concept of the D3 secret non-cow level, may turn out to be the “rainbows and unicorns” t-shirts the D3 Team wore at Blizzcon 2008. Those shirts were made custom for Blizzard, and have never (and will never) be offered for sale to the public.

    You still want one though, and here’s the next best thing. The enterprising entrepreneurs at Nerdy Shirts have taken the source image, recolored it to remove the pastels (which sort of defeats the point?), and they’re selling the result on a t-shirt for $14.50. If you want one you might want to order quickly; there’s no telling how Blizzard’s lawyers will react to this one. The image on the shirt is shown below; click it to go to the order page.

    Update from the comments: They’ve added a coupon code just for Diii.net readers. Enter “D3Nerd” with your order for 20% off (a $3 savings). Offer expires Monday the 23rd.

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