VG Chartz has posted an update on the most pre-ordered games of the month. Diablo III is in 10th place, which is impressive when you consider that there’s no release date yet, no beta date yet, and that “late 2011” is the soonest date anyone can take seriously.

    There’s no telling how well the game is selling via VGChartz as compared to other, larger retailers. Looking on Amazon.com, Diablo 3 is #1,175 in Video Games and #18 in Video Games > PC Games > Role-Playing. Which isn’t exactly leaping off the shelves. I don’t think I could have even named 17 other PC game RPGs, before I looked at the list.

    That said, are you going to pre-order Diablo III? Online or in a brick and mortar store? Are you waiting to buy the Collector’s Edition? Share your plans in the comments, and if you are going to pre-order online at some point, consider doing it through the links we’ll supply. It won’t cost you any more, but that way a % goes to us, and it’s a way to support your most favoritest Diablo III site evah.

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