We first posted news about the DiabloWikiDiablo III Poker Set a few weeks ago, after it debuted at Blizzcon The set comes in a shiny carrying case and includes custom poker chips and dice, but the real attraction is the deck of cards, which is totally customized for Diablo III. All of the cards feature concept artwork, there are quotes from the game and the lore, and the set possesses an enviably high production value. A few of the cards and quotes could be seen in the promo movie shown during Blizzcon, but we wanted more. Because moar!

    Were there any more new quotes? What concept art was used? What was with that weird little kid in a Diablo hoodie on the Joker? And most of all, who were the characters, NPCs, and monsters selected to appear on the face cards? A few photos of the set popped up on gaming sites after Blizzcon, but the pics were glare-blinded, taken from weird angles, discolored, or otherwise unsatisfactory.

    Happily the days of unhappy squinting are behind us, since Glass bought a set, scanned all of the cards, and uploaded the images to his user gallery. From his super HQ pics I assembled the cards into four pics, arranged by suit. Those are what you see below, and if you give them a click they’ll become viewable at a much larger size. Plenty big enough to study the new artwork and read the quotes. Not that you really need to, since Glass provided all of them in the forum thread where this poker set has been the topic of discussion and observation.

    • 678 Spades: My blade sings for your blood Mortal
    • 456 Spades: I will make weapons from your bones
    • 23 Spades: The time has come to cleanse my homeland
    • A23 Diamonds: The the beast contained herein shall not be set free, not even by you
    • 4567 Diamonds: It has raged and burned longer than any of the stars in the sky
    • 678 Clubs: Out of darkness out of mind
    • 456 Clubs: East always into the East
    • 567 Hearts: Shadows move where light should be
    • 34 Hearts: Not even death can save you from me

    Some mysteries remain. Why is “judge” written on Tyrael? Who is the unknown NPC King of Clubs? Who is the even more unknown armored “courageous” warrior on the Jack of Spades? Take a closer look, check out the theories in the ongoing forum thread, and take your best guess.



    A few more images of the whole set can be seen in the Diablo III Merchandise gallery. Click through to see the promotional video Blizzard first showed during this year’s Direct TV coverage of Blizzcon.


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