Diablo III Patch Test Realm is Live

As they said yesterday, and I’m sure in no way hurried along by the launch of Torchlight 2, the Diablo 3 Patch Test Realm is now live and playable. It’s running DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.5 and while it’s too soon for much info on skill change testing and such, one screenshot showing the new notification for legendary items has surfaced. Shiny!

Whether or not the patch changes mean you might actually view such a site at some point in your play time remains to be seen.

Beam it down, Scotty.

Anyone put in some time on the PTR yet? How does the Monster Power system feel?

I’m going to find time to get on later tonight and see what it’s like playing a level 1 character right from the start on ML10. Impossible, probably, but I has a curious, and I love the variable 4 speed settings in TL2, so I’m curious to see how Diablo 3 does emulating that system of customizeable difficulty.

Update: The guys at Horadric.ru are datamining away and have found some cool stuff. Though the Arena system isn’t live yet, there are some PvP ingredients in the patch, including this totally corny and yet strangely exciting PvP countdown video.

They’ve also got the onscreen avatars for the new and improved Demon Hunter DiabloWikiCompanion rune effects, and weird fish eye views of a Battle Arena, and another building apparently related to the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine event. See those below, and other cool stuff in the Horadric.ru update. (I really hope those Kerrigan pics are from SC2 or some kind of B.net thing, and won’t be appearing in D3.)

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    19 thoughts on “Diablo III Patch Test Realm is Live

    1. I want to play the PTR and I also don’t, because I just know I’ll find a perfectly rolled legendary that won’t carry over.

    2. I’ve been downloading for an hour or so now (file size is enormous-just under 9 gigs). It’s around 50% at the moment and “playable”, but It never goes well for me if I try to actually play before it’s completed. It’s definitely been on the slow side (under 1.5 MB/Sec)… I’m assuming it’s due to high demand, I don’t usually have issues with download speed on my end.

      Anyway, dying to get in there… I probably won’t be able to hold out and be patient too much longer. I may take a chance on “playable” here shortly.

    3. OK, that countdown video went up while I was typing my last post. It is definitely corny. And I definitely love it. It reminds me of watching old-school, hyper-cheesy wrestling as a kid… I’m talking about 80’s era WWF and the awful but utterly lovable regional stuff that would come on late at night. Superfly Jimmy Snuka FTW!

      Whoa! Just noticed that it sped way up in the past few minutes. 97%+, I’m off to give it a run-through.

    4. “I really hope those Kerrigan pics are from SC2 or some kind of B.net thing, and won’t be appearing in D3”

      Are you talking about those bone-wing-thingies? They actually already appear on the backs of those ‘eternally-tormented-giant-sized-background-people’ in Act3. On some of them anyway.

      • They say “HOTS” or Heart of the Swarm in the file names. Likely they are going to be some sort of special item for people with HOTS on their battle.net account, like a collectors edition dye or something?

        • I guarantee you that these are bonuses for the collector’s edition of the upcoming SC2 expansion “Heart of the Swarm”. Blizzard always does cross-game bonuses for their collector’s editions: D3 CE gave you an in-game WoW pet and SC2 profile icons, MoP is providing a banner sigil and accent for D3, and so HotS will provide in-game cosmetic bonuses for WoW and D3 as well. No mystery here.

    5. Well, I can’t get on at the moment.

      I log in, it goes through the little checklist bit, and then as soon as the game comes up (automatically on the character creation screen)- “Lost Connection”/”You have been disconnected from the Battle.net service” instantly pops up. No error code, just an instant disconnect. So… not too pleased right about now.

      But, while I’m waiting/searching for info on the issue, I have a question. Anybody familiar with the WoW PTR? How exactly does one go about copying a character to the PTR? Even though I’m getting the insta-disconnect, I can see the character creation screen in the background, but I don’t see an option for transfer. And I haven’t seen it as an option anywhere else. Just wondering how it works on the WoW side.

      • There’s a sticky on that in the PTR forum on the diablo 3 website. you basically make a level 1 character in test and then there will be an option to copy your characters over in game (much nicer than the wow way) it copies them, logs you out, and when you log back in there they are.

        • Thanks, sounds simple enough.

          I was just poking around over there, and there is an absolute flood of rage over the insta-DC. Can’t imagine why the official forums are always my option of last resort. There is certainly a lot of useful information to be found… but as you just proved, it’s just so much easier, and far more pleasant, to ask here first. Thanks again.

      • Insta-DC seems to be pretty widespread at the moment, TONS of QQ on the official forums.

        I also took a look at the notes again and saw that transfer will apparently be available in the PTR client… once I finally connect. So I guess it’s just time to wait around and keep trying every few minutes or so. Awesome. [Begins whistling and twiddling thumbs…]

        • I downloaded the PRT client and finished some other work and dinner and tried to get on… and the realm is down for maintenance. Unsurprisingly.

          Diablo 3, why won’t you let me love you?

          So now I’ll go play some more TL2 instead. I’m just up to Act 3; curious to see what’s coming next. It’s nice to play a game I didn’t follow fanatically during production, so there are still surprises to be had.

          • ‘curious to see what’s coming next. It’s nice to play a game I didn’t follow fanatically during production, so there are still surprises to be had.’ exactly!

    6. I managed to download it before most people noticed the PTR is live, so it downloaded pretty quickly for me at constant max speed of 30mbps.
      Played it for a couple of hours before going to sleep, and really liked the changes. For once I kept the chat connected to the general chat and a lot of other people seemed to like the changes as well.
      I tested out a few of the monster levels, and it seemed playable for my average equipment Wizard up to MP3-4, if rather slow. Beyond that it’s extremely difficult to kill even white mobs. Then I tried act 3 inferno without any MP, and with the reduced difficulty it felt like a much more viable farming place for someone without really good gear.
      I found one of the monsters that drops an Infernal Machine reagent, I won’t spoil it for people who want to find it themselves, but it was a named (purple) monster, and the weird thing is that with 5NV stacks it actually dropped items like an elite pack (lots of blues and 2-3 rares). So I’m wondering if all named monsters drop good items now or if it’s specific to the Infernal Machine monsters… Would be nice to actually get something from those named monsters.
      One annoying thing I found with the new drop system is that because it’s based on monster level instead of iLevel it’s nearly impossible to tell what reagents it will salvage into. One level 60 item I found salvaged into a nightmare reagent! Most of the items found in act 3 salvaged into inferno quality reagents but it’s really annoying to not be able to tell in advance, as I only ever salvage inferno quality items and sell the rest.

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