Diablo III Patch 3 Notes

As we reported earlier this week, scheduled maintenance was planned for US servers tomorrow that would take approximately 6 hours. At that time, we did not know if a patch would be accompanying the maintenance. DiabloWikiLylirra announced today that there will, indeed, be a patch and the times are available for all regions. As a note, this is not patch 1.0.3, which will be a much larger patch.

We will be performing scheduled maintenance on Diablo III starting tomorrow (6/6) at 5:00 a.m. PDT in order to deploy patch 1.0.2b. We anticipate that maintenance will conclude and that all services will be available at approximately 11:00 a.m. PDT. Patch notes are available below.

Important: Please note that you will not be prompted to download patch 1.0.2b until the patch is live in your home region. If you are logging in from a European or Asian client, you will need to wait for this patch to release in that region before it can be installed. Additionally, if your home region is the Americas, you will be unable to log into Europe or Asia using Global Play after patch 1.0.2b is live until those regions have also patched.

For reference, here are the scheduled maintenance times for each region:

The Americas: 5:00 a.m. PDT to 11:00 a.m. PDT
Asia: 8:00 p.m. PDT to 2:00 a.m. PDT
Europe: 1:00 p.m. PDT to 7:00 p.m. PDT

Please note that these times are subject to change. For time zone assistance, please visit: http://everytimezone.com

Official Notes:

Diablo III Patch 1.0.2b – v.

The latest client patch notes can be found here.
Visit our Bug Report forum for a list of known issues.
Hotfixes made in addition to changes in patch 1.0.2b can be found here.


  • When logging into Diablo III, the “Cancel” button which appears in the login checkbox will now be grayed out for 30 seconds after a Battle.net account name and password are entered. This is to reduce server load during the login process.

Auction House

  • Damaged items can now be sold on the auction house
  • Once sold, damaged items will be repaired automatically when moved from the purchasing player’s Completed tab to their stash
  • Please note that unsold damage items will not be automatically repaired when returned to the seller’s stash
  • Description messages for several auction house-related errors have been added


  • Several Mac performance improvements have been made


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  1. Aw, no more login spam.

  2. So selling a damaged item is a free repair? Weird.

    • It’s a quality of life issue, because having your gear be red in the AH interface because it’s 58/59 durability is just obnoxious.

      The 15% AH fee likely covers the repair cost in the majority of cases anyway. 

  3. They have those Europe times wrong.  It should be

    Thursday 7th June

    5:00AM CEST (4:00AM GMT) – 11:00AM CEST (10:00am GMT)

    That’s what it says when I log into the game at least.

    If it takes six hours to apply this I wonder what a patch with some content will be like.

    • Wow, if this is true, then presumably as an American playing exclusively on the EU servers I won’t be able to play from 7am Wednesday until 4am Thursday.  21 hours for a patch. 
      As someone who wasn’t a fan of always online from day one, I consider this news to be fan-friggin’-tastic.

    • Really hope so since 1 pm pdt is around 9-10 pm local time.

  4. Patch looks good hopefully this one won’t cause issues with the login process lol.

  5. Why is this referred to as “Patch 3”.  Can we make future patch notes just use the actual patch name (eg 1.0.2B)?  Seems unnecessarily confusing.

  6. I’d be just glad if they could provide a more european-like time for these scheduled maintenances. I always get a little bit confused about them, because we don’t use the am/pm system in our country, not to mention this pdt thing. Arrgh.
    So I guess it should be around 10 in the evening tomorrow? 

  7. All of the problems with this game, and this is what give us?  Damaged items on AH ok?  Really!?!

  8. So no game stutter fix in there :”(

  9. Wow, and commodity auction is still not back on and not even ETA was given. My theory is, that they are holding out commodity auction until RMAH hits, because people could get rich sick from selling high level dyes like Abyssal and Infernal to lower level characters. Vendor price is 5k and before commodity auction got shut down, abyssal dye could not be bough in AH under 10k. so that is at least 100% profit and anyone with brains can figure out why Blizzard doesnt want that.

  10. I dont get why they have to build in the risk of people trying to repair very high end gear by selling to a friend for a lot less than the repair costs.
    It’s gonna be a sport to buy it the second it appears on the AH.
    Though I’d never risk it ofcourse (unless I’m completely broke)

  11. …any improvements to mac performance is welcomed… 

  12. FML? Can they fix anything, please?
    I have 2 excellent legendary items I cannot use because the stats on them do not work. That is supposed to be patched in patch 1.0.3, so what is in the 1.0.2b? A useless little patch which is completely a joke? I spent 4m on items I can’t use because they never tested end-game this is ridiculous

  13. why are these allways in the middle of the day -_- why don’t they do it from 4am to lets say 10am ??? -_- People have the play hours cut….stupidly

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