A few Patch 2.3 hotfixes of note, fired up this morning just in time to affect Season Four.


  • Bandit Shrines now appear less frequently (27/8)
  • Fixed an issue with Area Damage where it was not properly benefiting from damage modifiers (27/8)
  • Fixed an issue where having both the “Strangers in Need” and “Wortham Survivors” bounties active at the same time would prevent the “Wortham Survivors” bounty from being completed (27/8)
  • The DiabloWikiBandit Shrine becoming less common is sad for us, but it’s probably a reasonable balance issue, since those things are insanely profitable. I got a Bandit Shrine right after hitting 70 on both of the S4 test runs on the PTR, and each time provided a huge boost in character power. Dozens of legendary plans, numerous legendary items, plus huge amounts of materials and Shards. Plus the icing on the cake was both times one of the Goblins spawned my first portal to DiabloWikiThe Vault. That was probably the biggest impact, since it ended my gold shortage woes, and amusingly, DiabloWikiBoon of the Hoarder was the first and second Legendary Gem I found during the two S4 PTR runs, both times thanks to Bandit Shrines.)

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