Diablo III Patch 1 Coming Soon

There’s a new patch coming up later today with bug fixes and some strings related to the impending Real Money Auction House, and we’ll have the full data mined details posted shortly, as Rush and Dorjan are working to implement it into DiabloNut right now. The only change you’ll notice in game was actually hot-fixed in a couple of days ago, without any notification. Even the in-game tool tip wasn’t changed:

Asheara has also had a personallity change, so keep a keen eye out on what she does now!

In the Auction House Stat Searches:

  • “All Damage” now reads “Bonus Minimum Physical Damage”
  • “Movement Speed” now reads “[%]Movement Speed”

Auction House:

  • “Sell Amount:” now reads “Quantity:”
  • “Refreshing Accounts…,Shown in the Add Payment Methods and Funds dialog when the player clicks the Continue button and the Auction House refreshes their account data.” Now doesn’t say “Refreshing Accounts…,” but still the rest of it.
  • “Transaction is pending. Please check your Battle.net email address for more details.,Shown in the tooltip for the alert icon next to auctions that are under review in the Completed Tab” now reads “Auction is currently under review prior to processing. For additional information, please refer to the auction email sent to your Battle.net account’s email address,Shown in the tooltip for the alert icon next to auctions that are under review in the Completed Tab”
  • “Pending,Shown in the Auction Log next to any auction that is under review.” now reads “Processing,” and the rest is the same.
    “Tax for Transaction Fee included. Click for additional information.” has gained the full stops
  • “{s1} – Balance: {s2},Title shown when balance is known. Arg 1 is the type of Auction House (RMT, Gold, or Hardcore) and Arg 2 is the balance amount.” The second number is now coloured
  • “SecurityConfimationRequiredText,Your {s1} of {s2} requires a security confirmation via SMS.” Has had ” Standard carrier rates apply.” added onto the end
  • “Your digital license cannot access the Real Currency Auction House yet.” is now “There is a 3-day waiting period before digitally purchased versions of Diablo III can access the real-money auction house.”
    “Raising your maximum bid on an Auction you are already winning raises your current bid to your previous maximum bid. Are you sure you want to continue?” has gained a little “…bid to just above your previous…”
  • “Transaction was denied after review.” now reads “Auction was denied during the review process. For additional information, please refer to the auction email sent to your Battle.net account’s email address.”

New Strings

  • Please search
  • Buyout unavailable. You have reached your storage limit in the Completed section. Please remove some of these items and try again.
  • Sales tax may apply to the winning price.
  • Please go to Auction House Help for more information.
  • Auction canceled by support team. Please check your Battle.net account’s email address for additional information.
  • Your transaction for {s1} could not be processed.
  • Sale
  • The buyout price you set will exceed the allowed Battle.net balance limit for accounts without a Battle.net Authenticator. Please set a lower amount.
  • You’ve hit the maximum allowed Battle.net Balance for accounts without an authenticator. Visit the Battle.net website to attach one or for more information
  • The starting price you set will exceed the allowed Battle.net balance limit for accounts without a Battle.net Authenticator. Please set a lower amount.
  • Unable to process this transaction as your Battle.net account does not have an associated zip code. Please login to |HURL:www.battle.net/account|h{c_green}www.battle.net/account{/c}|h and add a zip code to your account’s contact information.

BNet Chat now has a welcome string for Starter Editions

  • Welcome to Battle.net!
    Type /? for a list of available chat commands
  • BNet Login now says “A one-time use code will be sent to your mobile number: {s1}. Standard carrier rates apply” informing us that a standard carrier rate applies where it didn’t before.

The Monk’s DiabloWikiSerenity skill with the DiabloWikiTranquility rune effect has been nerfed on duration, dropping from 2 to 1 second.

This was done since that skill, and a few other Monk’s shared defensive abilities, plus Seven Sided Strike, could be cycled between four monks to provide complete immunity to taking damage. This trick was being exploited by a four party team who were into Act Three of Inferno when the hot fix was implemented, which pretty well ended their fun and games. They couldn’t just respec since they’d optimized their Monks to do very high damage with very low hit points (just 5000 in Inferno).

Video of Athene talking (in his fairly annoying style) about this problem and why they abandoned their Inferno rush (they were the first to 60) when the change was made.

It’s a spoiler since the Act Two end boss fight is shown extensively, so skip if it you must.

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23 thoughts on “Diablo III Patch 1 Coming Soon

  1. It would be suicide for them to keep pushing ahead wit the RMT auction house when their game has huge exploits allowing items to be compromised.

    Lawyers would have a field day with the lawsuits coming out of this if it involved real money. Dealing with real money opens you up to real consequences, ones that their EULA and TOS can’t protect them from. 

  2. I wonder who is going to pay real money for items when I haven;t seen a single useful set/legendary in the game that differentiates itself from blues & rares.

    • Think about it one more time.
      If you are a farmer and have a couple of badass items on your chars will you realy put them on the normal auctionhouse???
      The only logical answer is “no”. They are just waiting for the RMAH to come online and i bet there will be some items and sets you only say “holy sh*t….such items exist?? 😯 ”

  3. how much longer are we going to continue with spoilers ?

    if you don’t know who the Act 2 boss is by now, then do you also not know that Bruce Willis was dead the whole time ? 

    • How much longer are you going to complain about it, until you’re casually able to ignore the word?

      It’s only been a week. Not everybody are day-one buyers without kids and jobs.

    • I was fortunate to be able to take 3 days off work last week to play through the whole story. If I hadn’t had the time off, I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t be at the end of Act 2 yet. The first two acts are freakin’ huge.

  4. My Wizard’s Source has got an affix on it that I can’t even find in the AH stat search: reduces cost of Meteor by 2 arcane power. There are other ones in there, for hydra and other skills, but not meteor.

    Found in early Act 2 NM, simple magic with “of the comets” suffix. 

  5. I just want them to fix the achievements being all bugged out due to their outages after launch. Yes, I’m an Achievement Who…Hunter, I enjoy collecting them and there are a couple I simply cannot get due to the outages bugging them to hell.
    And yes, Legendary items being re-tuned should be a pretty high priority, only found one and it was out-damaged by a mediocre 1-handed rare sword (It was the Bone Kings Hammer, a 2-handed Hammer), both items were of a similar level.

    • Legendary items are fine. When Diablo 2 first came out uniques were absolutely useless with 2-3 exceptions (Stone of Jordan and Goldwrap being the most useful). The expansion is what made unique items and sets sought after.
      That’s what is going to happen this time, too. With the first expansion (or a later patch) legendary items are going to be introduced that are powerful and high demand. Some of the current ones may be re-tuned. Gotta keep interest in the game somehow a year from now.

      • Yeah Iceblink was totally useless in D2C for a WW lance barb.  Same goes for Ume’s Lament on a necro.  Problem is, there’s no ‘unique’ stats anymore.  It’s just your 2 primary atts, plus damage, plus sockets.  On every good item.  No thought is put into sacrificing some atts for crushing blow, or making a complimentary item build based on that type of unique stat.  Also, there’s no ‘junky’ legendaries that are good enough for early game (hello, Tarnhelm) which implies that every legendary you finally find should be badass.

        /WHAR SIGON, WHAR??? 

        • I said specifically that there were exceptions…or are you simply being a pedant because I said 2-3 instead of “a few”?
          There is also no implication on any of what you said. You are keeping a LoD mindset. This is a pre-expansion game. Legendary items are, for the most part, going to be relatively useless. There are quite a few items currently that ARE good early game. Perfect? No, but certainly good enough to twink with. Low level sets, some of the legendary items, etc. Unless you are going to min/max for every few levels then they are fine as is.
          I’ve also found that there is as much thought as before, at least after initial reactions. As a Wizard I could go high Int high Vit to be able to survive…unless you do certain builds in which you can go high Int low Vit (one example). Certain items benefit specific skills, some skills need different stats to be more effective, etc. I haven’t played the other classes too extensively yet.


    It is definitely a software issue on the end of blizzard somehow other games run flawlessly and with a much faster fps. Running catalyst 12.1 is bs!  

    • Are you using an older card?  I haven’t had any issues at all with Catalyst 12.4 and HD6870.
      Temps even stay lower than I thought they would (tops out at ~68c).

  8. At the moment auction house and RMAH get most of their patching attention due to impending RMAH introduction.
    Other non-related issues and bugs will probably have to wait a bit unless game-breaking serious, so I wouldn’t hold my breath until that’s out of the way first.

  9. The title of the video worried me, thinking they nerfed inferno itself, but they just nerfed an exploit.

  10. What about the stupid 3007 error that just kicked me out of the game and got my HC car killed…

  11. I will make a wish today before bed, that tomorrow when I wake up and turn on Diablo III, this patch would be installed and Blizzard has finally gotten rid of the lag, extremely low fps issues people are having. Yay!!! May Auriel, the Angel of Hope, guide us.

  12. The story is a joke any ways. Not much to spoil. How about they hot fix the entire game from sucking so i can start playing again? Give me some proper items/rewards.

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