Diablo III Patch 1.0.8a Notes

This week’s regularly-scheduled maintenance has concluded and a new small patch was included at no extra charge. Here are the Diablo III Patch 1.0.8a notes. There are some potentially huge market ramifications from the change to the Auction House gold listing price, so see below for comments on that.

Diablo III Patch 1.0.8a – v.

* Made improvements to address “rubberbanding” issues encountered when using movement-based abilities like Tempest Rush, Strafe, and Whirlwind

Auction House
* The stack size of gold on the real-money auction house has been increased again to 10 million (up from 1 million)

* Barbarian
* * Passive Skills
* * * DiabloWikiInspiring Presence
* * * * Will once again be displayed under Life per Second on the character sheet

User Interface

Bug Fixes
* Fixed an issue introduced in Patch 1.0.8 that prevented Item Label Display preferences from being saved

Bug Fixes

* Fixed an issue introduced in Patch 1.0.8 causing dungeon exits to sometimes be placed in abnormally close proximity to the entrance

* Fixed an issue introduced in Patch 1.0.8 that prevented players with Starter Edition accounts from being upgraded when playing in an IGR.

A bug in the code for the 1m > 10m RMAH change was what caused the gold dupe bug last week. I think we can assume that bug won’t reappear today, but it’s going to be interesting to see what happens with the prices in the softcore Auction House. In theory this should lead to a major shift in prices, since gold is probably going to start selling for much less in the RMAH. For example, 100m gold previously cost $25.00, while it could now sell for as little as $2.50.

Furthermore, there has *not* been an adjustment to the maximum price (two billion gold) an item can be listed for on the GAH, which might drive all top end item sales to the RMAH. Why? The RMAH has a max price of $250. Previously, a player could purchase about 1 billion gold for $250, which meant that an item selling for 2 billion was worth about $500, or double the price cap on the RMAH. Thus it made no sense to sell a top end item on the RMAH at the $250 cap when a player could sell that item for gold on the GAH, then sell that gold for more $. (Ignoring transaction fees and the fact that gold was not selling well via the RMAH, since it was much cheaper via third party sites.)

Now that gold can be sold for 1/10th the previous price, a billion gold may drop in value to as low as $25. At that value, a top end item listed for the GAH max of 2 billion gold is selling for the equivalent of $50 in gold. And a top end item selling for $250 on the RMAH is worth the equivalent of 10 billion gold.

That’s all ignoring transaction fees for the sake of simplicity and because math is hard. It’s also assuming that gold actually will start selling at 10m = $0.25. It might not drop that far, at least not any time soon, and thus prices might not shoot up 10x. If you notice any big market price fluctuations, in the RMAH or GAH, do drop a note in comments. I’m curious how this will play out, and I’m sure other players are as well.

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34 thoughts on “Diablo III Patch 1.0.8a Notes

  1. Nice one; now what do we do about those idiot snipers of d2jsp who just hog all the top end gear?

  2. Made improvements to address “rubberbanding” issues encountered when using movement-based abilities like Tempest Rush.


  3. I’m gonna go ahead and predict rampant inflation, because I was actually able to find some upgrades for less than 10X the total amount of gold I owned this past week. Now everything should go up to 20X what I own, to make up for it.

  4. GAH is nice, but items purchased from it should have been account bound from day 1. RMAH should have never existed in the first place. However, since Blizzard implemented it, at very least, Gold transactions should have never seen the light of day. Item flipping and the Gold link between the two AH’s are both BS.

    • Why should items a player who wins an auction versus a large amount of people be stuck with that item forever?

      When patch 1.0.7 release, I had a ton of monk gear, some very good for the classic sweeping wind build. Then I changed play styles, and all that old gear went to a mule and waited for if I really needed it.

      After losing a few characters, I had to sell off that old gear to pay for a new monk. With your proposed account bound items I would never have been able to make a new character because all my old muled gear was account bound for NO REASON.

      What good would a trading game be if you can only trade an item once? Sure you soft core folks would have a better economy, but finding good gear on hardcore would be more challenging than it is already. Did you know there is only 1 page of Natalyia Reflections with 4%+ crit? Normally there is like 3 mempos max with dex and a single resist?

      Went on a bit of a rant…. to sum up, would there really be a good reason to limit trading in diablo 3? other than to purge some softcore item inflation?

      • Preventing inflation is exactly the reason, and it’s an important reason. It’s how you keep the best items in the game and off the market. Making hardcore rerolls even easier is kind of a cop out. I thought hardcore players were hardcore, and wanted to start every character at zero gold?

      • I said bought off the auction house should be account bound. Trade all you want via the trade window. Items bought from the auction house need to be removed from the economy, especially when people with credit cards are basically bringing infinite resources into the game.

        Bartering belongs in an RPG. Unlimited insert credit card does not. And people would think twice about spending 2 billion gold on an item if it was an account bound one-off.

        • Except non-binding P2P trade is still done w/ credit cards, it’s just you need use a sketchy third party trade site. You know, just like Diablo 2. Making trading a pain through bad UI isn’t stopping the pro RMT industry. It won’t even slow them down. Hell, it makes it more lucrative, b/c now they have a true competitive advantage (ease of use and volume) that some poor random scrub in trade chat doesn’t have.

          Binding is a necessary evil. It delays gear inflation much better than any other system. It also slows down gold inflation really well, too (since you can’t flip stuff if you ever wear it).

          • To do that, people would have to never use the AH. Any item purchased from the AH would be account bound and untradable; cannot put it back on the AH, cannot put it in a trade window. Also remember, I said Gold should not be for sale on the AH either.

            If you want Gold, you’d have to play or post on an item on the AH, an item which would become bound to the purchaser.

            What people can or can’t do outside of the game, I don’t care. I’m sure people will buy and sell outside of the game to avoid the game’s restrictions. People do it now. Changing/improving the AH system to what is needed is not going to change this. But changing/improving the AH system will improve the gaming experience. The game will be about playing an action RPG, not a stock market. If you lose out on an Auction, you will know the bidder truly wanted and will use the item. Gone will be losing an Auction to see said item re-listed a twice to 10x the price. Plus, the game sorely needs a gold and item sinks. These changes provide help with both.

          • I think his point is that people would definitely still be using an AH, just not a Blizzard one.

  5. No one-year anniversary events? What is this madness? Or are they somehow going to release a patch on non-patch day?

    • The best way to celebrate release of D3 is to release a Grim Dawn Alpha. Oh, wait… 🙂

  6. So how is a casual gamer that has never used or wants to use the RMAH going to generate any amount of significant gold through normal play to be able to buy quality, supplemental items on the AH once inflation occurs? It saddness me to think this game is all about the gold find and not the item find. Is there a point to this game?

    • You’ve come to the same point a lot of us have. Waiting for new items… forever…

    • You can generate gold by finding good drops and selling them on the AH.
      In fact, inflation makes the game less about the gold find and more about the item find.

      • “You can generate gold by finding good drops and selling them on the AH.”

        yea… right. only to the minority and botters. in my leveling paragon, from level 24 to 75 the highest price item i was able to sell was less than 5 million gold. and i also have not found a single piece of gear that was an upgrade to my charcter since the mid 40’s… the only gear that im able to get that is upgrades is through the auction house, and yet it is nearly impossible for me to find said items to sell, and buy those upgrades.

        • *last upgrade was mid 40’s in levels, not paragon… been over 300 hours that makes it since an upgrade dropped for me.

      • The real smart people quit this game a long time ago… Nobody “smart” will invest hundreds of hours of gameplay to self-find a barely nice gear…

        This game is the worst let down in history…

        • i have to admit i started playing again 5 days ago, it feels much better now , the game overall seems to be better.

          but yeah its still the worst let down in history.

          still hoping for the expansion set to be good.

          blizzard just became like EA, sad but true.

      • Sorry pal, the game itemization…the f game itself is NOT made for non AH players. If you don’t use AH at all, like most of all said we will not, you hit a WALL. Where you don’t find good things anymore, yep, maybe 1 upgrade every 150h being extremely lucky and bad geared, not optimal neither rewarding experience if you ask me.

  7. If gold becomes cheaper dollar wise, that means prices will go up for players who don’t spend cash for gold.

    This is a BAD thing for all players.

  8. Yesterday I found another Ivory Tower.
    I was so happy I logged off to do my tax declaration.

  9. Since last saturday I found four stormshields. Sigh…

    Blizzard response: “The drop rate of legendary shields will be significantly decreased in the upcoming patch”

  10. Item inflation isn’t ALL bad. Yesterday I sold a weapon for 27M…and I bought it 2 weeks ago for 12M 😉

    • And now the 27M gold you pocketed is 2M short for buying an item only worth 12M 2 weeks ago… you are 2M in the hole.

    • That’s great and all, you made 15M on your weapon. However, since inflation affected the value of gold, there’s a high chance that 27M gold now is worth exactly the same that 12M would have been worth 2 weeks ago. In other words you have more or less the same buying power, and you needed more then twice the money you had before to reach it.

      • I know. The only way I make out ahead is using the gold I gained for a more efficient use, i.e., upgrading gems I need to upgrade, funding crafting, or repurposing to buy something for a different slot that may not be subject to the same rate of inflaction.

        I’m just trying to be an optimist here!

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