This week’s regularly-scheduled maintenance has concluded and a new small patch was included at no extra charge. Here are the Diablo III Patch 1.0.8a notes. There are some potentially huge market ramifications from the change to the Auction House gold listing price, so see below for comments on that.

    Diablo III Patch 1.0.8a – v.

    * Made improvements to address “rubberbanding” issues encountered when using movement-based abilities like Tempest Rush, Strafe, and Whirlwind

    Auction House
    * The stack size of gold on the real-money auction house has been increased again to 10 million (up from 1 million)

    * Barbarian
    * * Passive Skills
    * * * DiabloWikiInspiring Presence
    * * * * Will once again be displayed under Life per Second on the character sheet

    User Interface

    Bug Fixes
    * Fixed an issue introduced in Patch 1.0.8 that prevented Item Label Display preferences from being saved

    Bug Fixes

    * Fixed an issue introduced in Patch 1.0.8 causing dungeon exits to sometimes be placed in abnormally close proximity to the entrance

    * Fixed an issue introduced in Patch 1.0.8 that prevented players with Starter Edition accounts from being upgraded when playing in an IGR.

    A bug in the code for the 1m > 10m RMAH change was what caused the gold dupe bug last week. I think we can assume that bug won’t reappear today, but it’s going to be interesting to see what happens with the prices in the softcore Auction House. In theory this should lead to a major shift in prices, since gold is probably going to start selling for much less in the RMAH. For example, 100m gold previously cost $25.00, while it could now sell for as little as $2.50.

    Furthermore, there has *not* been an adjustment to the maximum price (two billion gold) an item can be listed for on the GAH, which might drive all top end item sales to the RMAH. Why? The RMAH has a max price of $250. Previously, a player could purchase about 1 billion gold for $250, which meant that an item selling for 2 billion was worth about $500, or double the price cap on the RMAH. Thus it made no sense to sell a top end item on the RMAH at the $250 cap when a player could sell that item for gold on the GAH, then sell that gold for more $. (Ignoring transaction fees and the fact that gold was not selling well via the RMAH, since it was much cheaper via third party sites.)

    Now that gold can be sold for 1/10th the previous price, a billion gold may drop in value to as low as $25. At that value, a top end item listed for the GAH max of 2 billion gold is selling for the equivalent of $50 in gold. And a top end item selling for $250 on the RMAH is worth the equivalent of 10 billion gold.

    That’s all ignoring transaction fees for the sake of simplicity and because math is hard. It’s also assuming that gold actually will start selling at 10m = $0.25. It might not drop that far, at least not any time soon, and thus prices might not shoot up 10x. If you notice any big market price fluctuations, in the RMAH or GAH, do drop a note in comments. I’m curious how this will play out, and I’m sure other players are as well.

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